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Approve Actions

Various things players do require the GM to approve. modify or deny them.


A player submits an attack:

ApproveAttack 01 miss.jpg

Attacks1.png Select this option if the attack misses. d20Pro tries to make this easy and will display the first attack line with gray.

ApproveAttack 01 hit.jpg

Attacks2.png Select this option if the attack hits. d20Pro tries to make this easy and will display the first attack line with red.

ApproveAttack 01 nocrit.jpg

Attacks3.png Select this option if the attack roll is a possible critical hit, but the confirmation does not hit the target's AC. d20Pro tries to make this easy and will display the first attack line with red and the second line with gray.

ApproveAttack 01 yescrit.jpg

Attacks4.png Select this option if both the attack roll and the possible critical confirmation both succeed. d20Pro tries to make this easy by displaying both lines with red.


If the Player has a feat or ability that increases the Confirmation roll (this is not automatically updated in the attack, you may select any of the four buttons to approve an attack. Even if the creature rolled 1's you can still select the Critical Success button to do critical damage.

Also, if you have a cursed or alternative weapon that gives the player a penalty or bonus to the attack and the player does not know about it's true nature, you can always edit the roll. Simply click on the number rolled and it will bring up a window where you can enter in the corrected raw roll.

You can also decline the attack by pressing the "X" on the right side of the tab that displays "Resolve Attack." This will remove the Action from your Judge Screen like the Player didn't even submit one.


Approve Damage 01.jpg Approve Damage 02.jpg

You can click on the damage line to negate the damage for the selected target.

If highlighted, the damage will be applied to the target. If not highlighted, no damage will be applied to the target.

Approve Damage 02mod.jpg

You can also modify the final damage by clicking on the number that represents the damage. You can change this value by entering in a number from the keyboard, clicking the up/down arrow keys, or using the scroll wheel on your mouse to increase or decrease the number. Once you are happy with the Final Damage press "OK" from adjusting the damage, and press "OK" for Resolving Damage Window.

Abilities or Spells

When the Player selects an ability and has selected their targets they will press OK, and the Judge must approve or deny the action. If the Judge uses an Ability or a Spell, this is the procedure to use.

ApproveAbility 01.jpg

Select the Ability or Spell.

ApproveAbility 02.jpg

Click on the "target : click to target" portion of the window to allow d20Pro to give you a selector tool. You may now select all the creatures affected by this effect. You can use the Template Tool to place a template that will auto select everyone in the template as an affected creature. Once you selected your creature(s) affected, press "OK."

ApproveAbility 03.jpg

This is the final screen the Player will see to make sure they are submitting correctly. Once the Player presses "OK" it will be sent to the Judge/GM for review.

ApproveAbility 04.jpg

This is the Apply Effect for the Judge. Notice how the effect is already calculated and displayed for each creature affected.

If you wish to edit the amount of damage (perhaps due to a broach of shielding) you can click on the "Target: <box with one creature listed>" This will bring up the following screen.

ApproveAbility 05.jpg

If the effect has a Save, you can manually change who saved and failed so that the damage can be updated.

ApproveAbility 06.jpg

From here, we can single-click on the creature's icon for Valeros and override the damage amount. Remember, damage is a positive number and healing is a negative number. Simply click the Override check-mark and enter the appropriate damage and press "OK." Then finally approve the Effect by pressing the next screen's "OK" button.

Approve Effect 02.jpg

If the Effect has a Save, the result of the roll (either pass or fail) will be displayed as green asterisk and red asterisk accordingly. You can also edit who made or failed their save by clicking on the target button.

Approve Effect 02.jpg

Clicking on the target button (the space where all the targets are, and white space in this case) will bring up a list where you can modify who made or failed their save. This is useful for when people have an ability or feat which allows them to make an additional save. Simply have the Player roll the save manually then move the creature to the appropriate place.

After you are happy with the results, press "OK" and "OK" again to apply the effect.