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Core Dice


Access The Core Dice From The D20Pro Menu, Then Select Core Dice.

Core Dice Window. The Core Dice window has one of each type of die you would typically use during a session and clicking on one of them will roll that die one time and the result will be sent to the Game Log.

Clicking on the "+/-" button will allow you to change the quantity of dice and the attached modifier for the dice roll. Simply enter in the appropriate number in each field using the keyboard numeric keys, using the mouse scroll wheel, or clicking on the small up/down arrows to change the number. After the number of dice and the proper modifier is entered click on the appropriate die and the result will be sent to the Game Log.

D30. Log and Advantage/Disadvantage

Core Dice now has a dice log as well as new options for rolling a d30 and Advantage/Disadvantage dice.

Custom Di Roll


Clicking On The Custom Dice Bag Will Pull Up The Custom Dice Window.

"+" button will add an entry into the Custom Dice. Simply create a name and enter the random roll you wish to assign. You may enter any number of dice with any number of sides with any modifier.

"x" button will delete a Custom Dice entry when you select a line and press the "x" button.

Color-wheel button will allow you to change the color of all your dice.