Creature Visibility

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Creature visibility allows the GM to show or hide a token on the map from the view of the players.

Creature Visibility

The Visibility function can change the creature's visibility state for the Players who are connected to the game.

Visible: This creature is visible to all Players.
Invisible: This creature is invisible to all Players (still remains visible to owners).
Dynamic: This creature will be invisible when it's completely covered by the Fog of War. This creature will become visible when the creature is no longer completely covered by the Fog of War.



To change the visibility state of any creature, you can single select or multi-select creatures, then:

Right-click on any selected creature to bring up the context-menu. (Alter > Visibility >) then choose the correct visibility state for all selected creature(s). Or, press the "V" keyboard short-cut to toggle the visibility state between the three visibility states.