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Format Feats txt

When a game publisher creates new feats that you want your players to have acesss to; or, if you want to develop your own feats for your customized game, it will be useful to update the feats.txt file inside the ManuallySpecified directory.

Please sort your custom feat list in alphabetical order, for it will display in the order you place them in the Feats Tab when Adding Feats.


<type> | <feat name>

All feats have the same type, "Generic", except for those feats that have an impact on d20Pro. The other two feat types are "Evasion" and "InitModifier".

Generic The majority of feats are listed as this type. This has no in-game effect.

Evasion This type has two variations "True" and "False"
• True = Pass a Ref Save and take no damage. Fail and take 50% damage.
• False = Pass a Ref Save and take no damage. Fail and take 100% damage.

InitModifier This will add +4 to the creature's Initiative Modifier.


Generic Feat use:
Generic|Warleader’s Rage

Evasion Feat use:
Evasion|Improved Evasion|true

InitModifier use:
InitModifier|Improved Initiative