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Game Log


Access The Game Log From The D20Pro Menu. Alternatively, you may press Ctrl + G to toggle the Game Log Window. The Game Log is where all Dice Rolls, Attacks, Story, Tells, Skills and Abilities, Game Events, System Messages, Creature Chat, and Out of Character Chat will be displayed.

To familiarize youself with the Game Log, let's first view the subscription tabs at the top. The three default subscription tabs include: All, Game, and Chat.

All = includes all channels.

Game = includes Dice Rolls, Attacks, Story, Skills and Abilities, Game Events, and Creature Chat.

Chat = includes Player to Player tells, and Out of Character Chat.

Gamelog plus.png = Add a subscription tab.

Gamelog send.png = Sends the text entered inside the text input box. Alternatively, you may press the "Return" or "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Gamelog channels.png = Displays the context menu of the Game Log.

The right column is the player list of all connected players. If the player disconnects or is having some latency issues and the Judge's computer thinks the player has disconnected that player's name will be italicised and include an "x" by the name to remove them from the list. You may toggle this Player List by choosing Toggle Player List from the context menu (see below).
You may alter the default settings for each subscription tab. Simply right-click (Alt+click on MacOS) inside the Game Log to display the context menu. Alternatively, you may click on the edit icon Gamelog channels.png on the lower right of the Game Log window.

Select Edit Subscription to view or change the subscribed channels for the subscription tab. From here, you can rename the subscription tab and modify the subscribed channels for the subscription tab.

Game Log Commands

Please see Controls And Shortcuts for a list of game log commands.