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Game Tools

The Game Tools allows you to place a template on the map, create or edit a map marker, or upload an exported d20Pro creature file to the Judge.

Map Template

GameTools 01 Template.jpg
This tool will allow you to place a template on the map (with Judge approval). You may select from the drop-down menu the correct size of the template, then choose the color, and the template's opacity then press the OK button and place it on the map.

If you are using a point of origin style template (like Line or Cone), you will first start by clicking the origin of the template then selecting the direction by moving the mouse and clicking a second time to confirm.

This is also an effect selection tool. Thus, you may select the creatures you are affecting with an effect through the spell or ability menu then press the "target: click to target" from the Use Special Ability Decision or Cast Spell Decision Window.

Map Template Properties

Map Marker

GameTools 01 MapMarkers.jpg
This is a great tool to show the location on the map of different things. It can be used as a pointer. it could be used as an identifier of a trap a party member has set. To use, simply press the "Create" button. From there you can enter any information you wish about it, change it's color, then change it's position on the map (make sure it says "Map Markers" on the top-middle of the d20Pro window to move the map marker). for more details please see Map Markers

Map Marker Properties

Boxed Text

Boxed Text

Boxed text allow you to compose or paste in larger blocks of text which in turn can be put out to the game log.


Boxed Text

Triggers allows for linking to syrinscape or other forms of media.

Syrinscape Integration

Syrinscape integration (URI Triggers) - (Windows only) Syrinscape must be installed on each Player's computer to be heard. For more information about Syrinscape, please visit their website at: (free version is ok if only using the free version's sounds)

Syrinscape Normal.jpg
Normal View of Syrinscape:

Syrinscape 3rdPartyMode.jpg
Pressing - and = (shares + on same key) on the keyboard at the same time:

Syrinscape URI Trigger GameTools full.jpg
Then click on one of the + inside Syrinscape to copy the URI Trigger, then paste inside (as GM) either Game Tools - Attachments or Game Tools - Map Markers section. Or as a Player use Game Tools - Map Markers. Click on the "New" button at the bottom and enter the name of the sound and paste in the URI and press Enter to save.

Fog of War Tab

FOW Visibility

The visibility tab let you adjust Fow masks to be either visible or hidden.

Paint Tab

Fow paint.jpg

The Fog of War Paint mode allows you to add Fog of War regions on the map by selecting a shape, selecting a scale, then use your mouse pointer to place the Fog of War region on the map.

  • Shapes: Select a shape from the available shapes.
  • Scale: Select the scale. Scale 1 means the shape will fit in a 1x1 grid square. Scale 2 means the shape will fit in a 2x2 grid square. And, etc.
  • Easy Fill: Fills the entire map with square Fog of War regions. The scale is determined by the map size (not the scale size used for painting shapes).
  • Clear: Clears the entire map of all Fog of War regions, even regions marked as "locked".

Fow slideshow 03.gif Game tools fow paint tab.jpg

Draw Tab

Game tools fow draw tab details.jpg

The Fog of War Draw mode allows you to add Fog of War regions on the map by selecting the corners of each region you wish to cover. This allows you to create complex Fog of War regions on your map very quickly.

  • Apply: Closes the Fog of War polygon and creates an entry in the Fog of War regions list.
  • Remove Last: Deletes the last knot (point). Alternatively, you may press "Backspace" on the keyboard.
  • Clear: Clears all knots (points) created on the map so far for the current Fog of War shape being created.
  • Wall, Mask, Edge & Door: Sets the draw type.
  • Closed or Open: Sets whether the draw type is a closed shape or an open shape.
  • Interactive or Passive: Sets whether the type interactive with lighting or not.
  • Hold Shift: Creates horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Hold Control: Creates diagonal lines.

Fow slideshow 01.gif Game tools fow draw tab.jpg

Manipulate Tab

Fow manip.jpg

Allows you to manipulate any Fog of War (FoW) region on the map. When in Fog of War Manipulate mode you can manipulate Fog of War regions using the buttons or hotkeys.

  • Edit: Changes the FoW mode to Edit mode. Allows you to fine-tune FoW regions
  • Scale: Scales the FoW region.
  • Rotate: Free Rotate with an option to snap to a rotation guide.
  • Demand: Centers the map on the selected FoW region.
  • Show: Shows all Players the map that was previously hidden by the selected FoW Region.
  • Hide: Hides the map from all Players that the selected FoW Region covers.
  • Lock: Locks the Fog of War Region, only allows movement while in Edit Mode.
  • Free: Unlocks the Fog of War Region to allow movement in the Manipulate Mode.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected Fog of War Region.

Fow slideshow 02.gif Game tools fow manipulate tab.jpg

Visibility Tab

Fow vis.jpg

Controls visibility of the existing Fog of War. When in Fog of War Visibility mode you can pick a cursor size and reveal or hide existing Fog of War areas on the map with click or click-drag actions to display multiple Fog of War regions in one pass.

  • Show: Shows the selected FoW region.
  • Hide: Hides the selected FoW region.
  • Cursor: Size of FoW reveal/hide "brush" to use on the map.
  • Show All: Reveals all areas hidden by the FoW to all Players.
  • Hide All: Hides all areas hidden by the FoW to all Players.
  • Snap to Grid: Snaps points created to grid intersections.
  • Hide Fog of War: Hides Fog of War regions from the Judge to better view the map.
  • Hide Negative Space: Hides all areas on the map not covered by a Fog of War region.

Fow slideshow 04.gif

Easy FOW

Easy FOW

Easy FOW flood fills the whole map in single square FOW regions. This is the easiest method of FOW however there are some concerns and limitations.

  • Map size is a concern, the larger the map the larger the resource hit.
  • Single squares only and no diagonals.

FOW Lights

FOW Lights

You can create, delete or manipulate existing lights in this tab. You can also qucikly create a light on a token by accessing the token 'right click' menu.

Token menu lights.jpg

Edit Light

FOW Edit Lights

It's a really good idea to name a light something that is meaningful to the light. IE Thoren Darkvision 60ft

Tether Options

FOW Light Tether

Pulls up a list of token to tether the selected light to.

Owner Options

FOW Light Owner

Pulls up a list of token to assign ownership of the selected light to.

Color Picker

FOW Light Color

Allows you to set a custom color for the light.

Custom Color
FOW Light Custom Color

Allows setting some advanced details of a lights color and opacity.