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Handouts are always good to create the atmosphere of the setting, or perhaps a way to give your players a clue on what to do next. It can also be used to allow players to see a first person view of their surrounds which adds to the player's immersion into the game setting.

For the scenario we are preparing, there is a great handout we can use - it's the checklist for the quests given to the players. One thing to note when I add handouts to any game I run - make sure the handout is legible. If I can read the handout with ease I will use the handout as is. If I can not read the handout with ease I will either type it out in a text document and send it to my players, or will type it on a fancy parchment background like the original handout and use a legible font so my players can read it with ease.

Create Handout

To create a handout, open the Handout Library and press the Create button on the bottom left of the window.

This will pull up the Create Handout window where you can select the name and the location. The default is a URL that will link to a webpage. If you wish to use a file instead, select the Type drop-down and select File.

You will then be asked for the location of the file using the file chooser. Once selected, create a name for the handout. You can change this name anytime after you create a handout.

Handout Library01.jpg Handout Library03.jpg


Handout Library04.jpg

Back in the Handout Library, I changed the Name of the Handout to reflect the title of the handout "Assignment 17" and entered in the Module identifier that I use to correspond with the scenario for which it belongs.

Library share.png = Share Handout with All Players, or Certain Players. A Sharing List Window will appear and you can select the players you wish to have access to the selected Handout.

Library view.png = View this Handout on your screen only.

Other buttons

Import = Will bring up the file chooser to select a d20Pro handout export file.

Export = Will export the selected handout as a d20Pro handout file.

Push = Pressing this button will transmit all the shared handouts again with each player. This is helpful when the player closes the handout and wishes to view it again.

Delete = This will delete the handout from your Handout Library.

Viewing Handouts

Handout Library05.jpg

Viewing the Handout will bring up a Handout Window which will allow each Player to Zoom/Pan the handout as they like. The image below is 100% and centered.