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Initiative Tool

You start or end the initiative by pressing the Initiative button Auto-Combat-Icon.jpg.

Initiative Roll New.jpg

d20Pro will ask if you wish to "Roll new initiative?" If you select "OK" it will roll an initiative for everyone in the Active Roster and report the results. If you select "Cancel" it will keep the previous initiative roll and start the combat.

Approve or Change

Initiative Set.jpg
Next d20Pro will bring up the Set Initiative Window which will allow you to approve or change any position. When you press this Initiative change.jpg button in the middle of two creatures, it will change the lineup for those two creatures.

Manually Set or Override

Initiative Man Change.jpg
If you single-click on any creature on the list a popup window will appear that will allow you to manually enter in the initiative for that selected creature. When you change the number and select OK, it will make the appropriate change inside the Set Initiative Window.

Initiative Set 2.jpg
In this example, we will change Valeros' initiative from 20 to 18 (this number is the total roll+bonus). And now notice the change below.

Once you have the initiative as you want it, press the "OK" button to allow initiative rounds or combat to start.

Reconfigure Initiative

Adjust Initative 01.jpg
While in Combat Mode, press the Combat Mode/Free Mode Toggle button, then press "Reconfigure Initiative" to bring up the Set Initiative Window again.