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Map Markers

Markers.png For those who like to add a description of the scene in the Game Log for each descriptive text in published adventures, a great way to pre-program the map is to create Map Markers with the descriptive text in the marker description.

To access this feature:
1: Open the d20Pro Menu.
2: select Games Tools.
3: select the Map Markers icon.

Click on the map and create a Map Marker where you clicked.

Mapmarkers setup.jpg Mapmakers create.jpg

Create Marker

Mapmarkers details.jpg

Name: This is the name of the marker when viewing all Game Tools Map Markers (see bottom left image - see below)

Type: This is the type of marker, you can see this description when viewing all Game Tools Map Markers (see bottom left image - see below)

Desc: Clicking the box will bring up the Edit Description screen where you can type or paste in the full description.

Color: Clicking on the box will bring up a color picker. Specifying a color here will only affect non-icon related markers.

Size: Choose between Small, Medium, or Large, where Large fills one full grid square.

Style: Choose between Circle, Triangle, Square, or Icon.

Icon: Choose between the different icons in the icon library.

Layer: Choose between Paint Above Creatures or Paint Below Creatures.

Visibility: Choose between Marker is visible or Marker is invisible. .

Top Label: Choose between Off, Name, or Custom.

Bottom Label: Choose between Off, Name, or Custom.

Edit Description

Mapmarkers desc.jpg

This description will be sent to the game log when pressing the "As Box Text" button.

Map Markers Window

Mapmarkers window.jpg

Gamelog channels.png = Click this button to bring up to Edit Marker. (top left image - see below)

Show.png / Hide.png = Toggle button to Hide/Show to Map Marker to the players. (top left image - see below)

Lock.png / Unlock.png = Toggle button to Lock/Unlock the movement of the Map Marker on the map.

Mapmarkers delete.png = Delete this Map Marker.


Create = Creates a new Map Marker and places it on the map. (This is a legacy feature and is grayed out).

Focus = Adjusts the map to center the selected Map Marker.

As Boxed Text = Creates an announcement from the description of the Map Marker to the Game Log. (displayed in the picture below)

Finish Map

Place all other markers on the map to represent the original:

Mapmarkers done.jpg

Displaying Boxed Text

Mapmarkers gamelog.jpg

When players just visit the dock and see the warehouse, press "As Box Text" on Map Marker labeled "The Pier" with the icon of the number "1" to have the description sent to the Game Log.