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Map Movement

Each player may move the map position and zoom any way they feel that best captures the map. To move the map you can Right-Click (on MacOS use Alt+Click) and drag the mouse around to position the map the way you like. You may also change the zoom of the map by using the scroll-wheel on the mouse to zoom-in and zoom-out of the map.

Character Movement

Click and Drag the creature you control to move it. Let go of the mouse button to confirm each part of your movement. This is useful for getting around objects and enemies so you do not provoke attacks of opportunity. If you make a mistake in your movement, simply click the "x" under the Combat Buttons where it reads "Mover." If you make a mistake you can also hit "Esc" to cancel and clear your movement.

Movement Indicator

Movement x1 30.jpg
Movement x2 60.jpg
Movement xlarge.jpg
Movement indicator will display a nth move action(s) so GMs and Players can better manage their movements. Single move will be in green, double move in yellow and further movement will be in red.