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Gather Some Information


1: Open d20Pro.
2: Click on Judge.
3: Click on the green "OK" button.
4: Click the d20Pro Menu icon, then select Options.
5: Click On The Judge Tab In The Options Window.
6: Click On The "Get IP Address" Button Under The Judge Tab.
7: Write Both Numbers Down.

IP Numbers


Public IP: This is the IP address you share with the people who you want to log into the game.

Local IP: This is the IP address you want your router to forward all port 10101 (default port) or a customized port you selected when creating the game session.

Port Forwarding

Enable Port Forwarding On Your Router.

For details on how to use port forwarding feature on your specific router visit: Then select your router make and model from the list on the website, skip the advertisement, then click on "Default Guide" and follow along.

TCP and UDP using port 10101 (or a customized port number)

Forward to your Private IP (Local IP) Address you wrote down in step 7.

You can check to see if your players can login by going to and typing in the port you have forwarded while d20Pro is running.

If you get a "Success: I can see your service ... on port (10101)." Enjoy using d20Pro!

If you get an "Error: I cound not see your service on ... on port (10101). Reason: Connection timed out." Please visit the forums for technical assistance.

Notes.png Routers are complicated things, and while does a fair job of helping, your best resource for dealing with working with your router is the router manufacturers website.