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Options Menu

General Tab

Options 01 General.jpg

Sound On = toggles the sound effects.

Show ID = shows ID numbers instead of graphics for each creature on the map.

Mouse Zoom = when checked, the zoom will center on the mouse location.

Allow Hint Popups = allows popup hints.

Confirm on Exit = when you ALT+F4 (or click the X on the d20Pro window) a confirmation window appears and you can either Exit (OK) or Continue using d20Pro (Cancel).

Declare Attacks without confirmation = When checked, once you select the attack line you want to perform the target tool will appear to select the target of your attack (You do not need to press the OK button to submit the attack).

Show menu button when Creature selected = When checked, a single click on a creature will display a "+" button in the top-right corner on the creature's token, which once clicked on will bring up the context-menu.

Warn for Java 7 = When checked, each time d20Pro starts using Java 7 environment a warning will be displayed.

Show Mini Border = will display a color that identifies the team on which each creature belongs.

Map Autoscroll = when the mouse reaches any side of the d20Pro window, it will autoscroll in that direction.

Native File Chooser = will use the native file chooser instead of the java file chooser.

Opaque Windows = makes the windows opaque, no transparency to view what's behind the window.

Show Game Time = Shows the game time and day on the bottom-center.

Advanced checkmark

Options GeneralTab ShowLogFile.jpg

Log File = You can view the Log File within D20Pro, this is useful when a problem occurs and you need support.

Attempt GC button = Will attempt to free some memory on images and data not presently being used.

Update Memory button = Will update the display showing the Total memory Allocated to d20Pro and the Current Memory being used by d20Pro.

Rules Tab

Options Rules.jpg

Units are __ Diagonal counts as __ = This is set in the Judge's/GM's Option Window. Note that the diagonal count will determine the templates.

Power Attack is __ = This is set in the Judge's/GM's Option Window. This will determine what penalty will apply to the attack roll and what bonus will apply to the damage when Power Attack is selected.

Death Condition is __ = Select one: -Value, -Ability, -%Max

Fast Skill 1 = This is individually set per player, set this to what skill your character uses the most.

Fast Skill 2 = This is individually set per player, set this to what skill your character uses the second to most.

Fast Skill 3 = This is individually set per player, set this to what skill your character uses the third to most.

Print Template = This is the template used when pressing the "Print" option from the View Creature General Tab.

Judge Tab

Options Judge.jpg
Get IP Address = Will display the Public and Private IP address of your computer.

Synchronize View = Will duplicate the map view of the Judge to all connected Players.

Refresh Resources = Reloads images from the image directory.

Quick Save = Saves the state of the game.

Reset Game = Closes all open maps and deletes all creatures from Limbo.

Process Images = Allows you to adjust an image if you know the exact specifications on the offset and reduce or enlarge dimensions.

Custom Defense = Allows you to pick three custom defenses. Pathfinder: CMD, CMD FF, SR. D&D 4e: Fort, Ref, Will

Damage Reveal = All, Team + dead or dying, Player owned and team, Player owned, Judge only, None

Broadcast game when a Player connects = Will automatically broadcast the game state to the connected player without having to manually approve the broadcast game to player.

FoW Regions react to Players = When a player moves into a region currently covered by Fog of War, a prompt will display on the Judge's/GM's screen asking to approve revealing the map under the Fog of War Region the Player moved into.

Auto show reactive FoW Regions = Automatically approves revealing Fog of War Regions where Players have moved to.

Show rotated Creature arrow = Displays an arrow to indicate figure facing.

Show rotated Creature picture = Rotates the image to indicate figure facing (for top-down images)

Invert rotation picture = Inverts the picture's rotation.

Quick Save every initiative change = Saves the game state at every initiative change.

Prompt before discarding a Map = Prompts user if they wish to save or discard a map when closing a map.

Prompt before deleting a Polygon = Pressing Delete when managing Fog of War Polygons will prompt a window confirming the delete.

Prompt before deleting a Tile = Pressing Delete when managing Tiles will prompt a window confirming the delete.

Prompt before deleting downloaded Content = Prompts user if they wish to delete the downloaded compressed data after installing the content into d20Pro.

I trust my Players not to cheat __ = Attacks resolve automatically and damage or miss will be displayed on the game log without Judge/GM intervention. The number is the seconds before auto-approve takes place.

Autosave Recovery

Options Judge Autosave.jpg
Autosaves every 5 minutes. You can disable this feature inside the Options > Judge Window. Simply make sure "Enable Autosave" is checked.

About Tab

Options About Tab.jpg
Displays the credits about d20Pro. Also shows version information and credits Team & Beta testers.