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Download & Install D20PRO

The Free Trial Download on D20PRO.com/getd20pro

Go to: www.d20pro.com/getd20pro and select a specific download for your OS. This will download the latest version of the app as a Free 30-Day Trial. Install this newest version to your operating system. Once the install is complete, double-click the D20PRO icon to launch the app. If you wish to purchase a Full License, a Player License, or add additional Guest Seats, check out the In-App Purchase Guide on how to upgrade. Let's get gaming!

  • Mac OS: Using Mac OS 10.8 or later may indicate the application you downloaded and tried to install is “Damaged and Can’t be Opened.” This is Mac OS’s Gatekeeper feature which defaults download settings to only allow App Store Downloaded programs to open.
    • To correct this, go to: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General Tab > Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere > Click the "Allow From Anywhere" button.
  • Windows: If you have UAC (User Access Control) ON, you may need to install D20PRO in a non-“Program Files” directory, such as “C:\d20Pro” and start d20Pro as Administrator.

Secure a License

Secure a License

Choose Create Account if this is your first time using D20PRO. Enter your information and click OK. You will then be taken to your account management screen. Click Start Trial, Purchase License, or Redeem Coupon.

  • Start Trial: If this is your first time using D20PRO and want to take advantage of the 30-Day Free Trial, you can select “Start Trial” then download your 30-Day Free Trial License to your computer. After, simply “Log out” of D20PRO Live and you are ready to start your Free Trial.
  • Purchase License: This selection is used if you want to purchase a License, simply choose the License type and you will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction. Once complete your License will appear in the License Area where you can download your License to your computer. After, simply “Log out” of D20PRO and you are ready to start using your Purchased License
  • Redeem Coupon: If you have a one-time promotion discount code or have a Full License coupon code from a retailer select “Redeem Coupon” then enter the code to activate your discount or to add a Full License. If you used a discount code please proceed to the “Purchase License” section to complete the transaction. If you used a coupon code from a retailer your previously paid Full License will appear in the License Area where you can download the License to your computer and start using D20PRO.

Start D20PRO and create a campaign

Manage Campaign
  • Launch D20PRO
    • Click Your account -> Host option.
  • If you have not done so already, then click Manage Campaign and create a campaign.
    • Type in the campaign Name.
    • Select a rules set.
    • Select an SRD option.
  • If have already created a campaign, just select it from the list.

Run D20PRO & Get Comfy

The D20PRO Work Space

D20PRO will launch into the work space with a few icons at the top. Click on the D20PRO Navigation button at the top to open a menu of Panels. Open the Roster, Library, Game Log, and Core Dice to get started. Resize them and position them where you wish.

  • The Roster: (Ctrl+R) holds creatures for initiative
  • The Library: (Ctrl+L) holds all of your creatures, maps, items and handouts
  • The Game Log: (Ctrl+G) is the central information space and reports rolls, game states, movement, etc.
  • The Core Dice: (Ctrl+D) offers to roll your favorite dice with a single click.

Open a Map or Two

Barren Hills Map

Select the Map Library (first icon in the Library window) and click on the icon next to "Barren Hills." Now try maneuvering in the map space:

  • Zoom In and Zoom Out via the mouse wheel or - and + keys
  • Pan the Map by right-clicking and dragging on the map in any direction
  • Toggle the Grid on or off using the Grid icon in Quick Tools menu, top left
Grid On/Off
  • Try measuring distance via the Ruler tool (in Quick Tools menu, top left).
Measuring Tool
  • Open a second map and switch between maps via the Main Menu. You can also switch maps using hot-keys (Alt+1 – Alt+9). In this case Alt+1 would bring up “Barren Hills” and Alt+2 would bring up “Kobolds’ Revenge”. When you have more than nine open maps, to switch to other maps not assigned a hot-key, simply use the D20PRO Menu and select the map manually.
Multiple Open Maps

Move Creatures into Play

Move Creatures into Play
  • Drag a couple of creatures into play, like Zap the Kobold, Crunch, and a Dire Wolf.
  • Drag them around the map to get the feel for movement
  • Right-click their portraits to see all of your commands
  • Notice that you can damage, heal, and rotate them
  • You can also clone or delete tokens
  • You can control their size, visibility, or Initiative state
  • Try placing them into Initiative by using the menu options or selecting them and pressing the I (i) key

Run a Few Rounds of Combat

Run a Few Rounds of Combat
  • Click the Combat toggle icon in the Quick Tools menu (top). Icons are green when ON and red when toggled OFF. Initiative is automatically rolled but you can override any by clicking on the creatures.
  • * Make the wolf go first by clicking its portrait in the initiative roster and typing in a high number. Then click "OK"
  • Try making an attack with the wolf. Right click on the wolf and select Attack, or press the A key
    • Choose his "Bite" by clicking it, then click OK to confirm
    • Deliver the attack by clicking on a kobold.
  • A confirmation window pops up for the GM (you). Notice that you can declare hit, miss, critical, and threats regardless of the actual d20 roll. Confirm success and damage and ignore the roll for now. See damage appear on the unit as a red bar
  • End the turn pressing the Spacebar.

Play with Spells

Play with Spells
  • Click "Zap" and cast a spell via the right-click menu (or press the "S" key). A spell effect menu will pop up, but this is optional.
  • Try applying an effect, like hit points, 2d4+2 force (for magic missile) Notice the options to apply almost any kind of modifier, duration, or save
  • Apply this effect to a creature on the map
  • Spells need not use effects; you can also simply cast the spell and ignore the effect
  • In the case of the magic missile, you could use the Core Dice tools to roll 2d4+2 then use the "D" key to damage a creature manually.

Experiment with Abilities & Effect Durations

Experiment with Abilities & Effect Durations
  • Effects need not be created via a spell. You can trigger effects from Abilities or even be created on the fly by the GM. Abilities can be created and stored for each creature and given frequencies like At-Will, Per Init, Per Day, or Charges.
  • Double-click on Crunch or the Wolf. Click on the Abilities tab on their mini. Use the spontaneous ability to create an effect, or press the "X" key to manually apply an effect
    • Create a Rage effect by applying a +4 modifier to Str & Con, -2 AC, +2 Will, for 9 rounds.
    • Save the effect for later use by clicking the Save button!
  • Apply the effect and then click on the Effects tab
    • Note all the mathematical adjustments. Progress through each round to watch the duration count down and eventually disappear.

Play with Fog of War and Visibility‌

Play with Fog of War and Visibility‌
  • The Fog of War and visibility options allow you to control what players see in game.
  • Select one or more creatures and right-click on them. Choose Alter > Visibility to change their state. Alternatively, you can cycle with the "V" key.
    • While invisible, creatures look transparent to you but are invisible to players that don’t own the units. The same process goes for map tiles (Draw Tools, Manage Tiles)
  • Open the Game Tools panel from the Main Menu and click on the Fog of War icon
  • Next, play with the tool, using the Draw Tab to make Fog of War regions. Then you can toggle each Fog of War region to either hidden or shown to the players using the Visibility Tab and single click on any of the Fog of War regions to toggle its’ visibility.

Download from the D20PRO Marketplace

Download from the D20PRO Marketplace

Download from the D20PRO Marketplace
  • The D20PRO Marketplace is a place where content developers can sell their products for direct use in d20Pro. Content is encrypted and tied to the user’s license. To access the Marketplace while in D20PRO, open the Main Menu and select Downloads (Ctrl+M). Next, click "Launch Marketplace."
  • In the Marketplace, use the pull-down menu to find free content (like the Overhead Tokens)
  • Pick one of the packs and click the "Purchase" button (for zero (0) gold "free")
  • Confirm and it starts the download
  • Once downloaded, find the new content in the Downloads panel and choose "Import." The tokens are now available for use with creatures you edit.
  • Select a creature and Edit it ("E" key or right-click menu). Click the Portrait and expand "Devin Night’s" folder to see the new tokens for you to use!