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Game Roster

The Roster is a thin window that lists all creatures currently in the game. It it also keeps track of combat rounds and effect durations. It's divided into an active section and a passive section. You can re-size the roster to any size, and can have a vertical or horizontal orientation for which it will display the information.

Active Roster

Shows the creatures who are active in initiative. When combat starts, this active list will roll their initiative automatically in d20Pro, and will arrange the active roster according to the total result. Players will only see active and non-invisible creatures on their Active Roster.

Passive Roster

Shows all creatures who are not in an initiative who are visible on any map that the Judge/GM has open. It is recommended for players not to view the passive roster, since that may be considered meta-gaming.


Control Description
Hover Mouse If you own the creature, it will display the essential combat information. Such as, HP, AC, and ongoing effects.
Right-Click If you own the creature, it will display the context menu. Exactly like when you right-click your creature on the map.
Single-Click Centers the map on the creature selected and will highlight the creature for several seconds.
Double-Click Same as the single-click, though, if you own the selected creature it will bring up that creature's Mini. This acts the same as double-clicking a creature you own on the map.
Triple-Click If you own the creature, it will display the context menu. Exactly like when you right-click, or triple-click your creature on the map.
Click-Drag You can click and drag a creature from the Roster and place it anywhere on the current Map. This is often the easiest way to move the PC's from one map to another.