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Rule Sets on the Marketplace

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Ruleset 002.jpg
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Ruleset 006 3p5.jpg
Ruleset 007 3p5.jpg

Step 1: Open d20Pro

Step 2: Open Downloads
Open the d20Pro Main Menu and choose Downloads. Alternatively, you may use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M (as in Marketplace)

Step 3: Launch Marketplace
From the Downloads Window, click on the Launch Marketplace button.

Step 4: Enter D20Pro Live Password

Step 5: Choose Rules Category
On the top-left corner of the d20Pro Content Marketplace Window use the drop-down menu and select Rules.

Step 6: Download Selected Ruleset
Select the ruleset you wish to use from the selection list on the bottom. Then Purchase (free) and Download the ruleset. While waiting for this download to complete, you can check out the other current offerings inside the Content Marketplace. Remember, you can download up to three (3) files at a time. After completing all your downloads, press the Leave button on the top-right of the d20Pro Content Marketplace Window to return to d20Pro.

Step 7: Import Downloaded Ruleset
Press the Import... button to start the Rules Import process. Make sure all the files are selected (have a check-mark). Then press the OK button to install the rules in the current campaign folder.

Step 8: Restart D20Pro
Restart d20Pro for the changes to take place. Once you have restarted d20Pro, you will notice when using creature's character sheets that the classes, feats, skills, and spells are all available.

Step 9: Enjoy!
Enjoy your 3.5E Gaming using d20Pro. If you are having any issues or would like things added to the 3.5E Rule Set, please use the forums.

Rule Set Customization

Please read the following Category:ManuallySpecified for information on customizing a Rule Set or creating your own.

Additional Sets

There are also fan made rule sets and other D20PRO assets on the MesaMundi D20PRO forums.