Saves And Skills

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Saves And Skills


The quickest way to manually use Saves is to select your creature then press one of the following keyboard commands:

F - Fort Save
R - Ref Save
W - Will Save

Anything the Judge/GM uses that has a set save pre-defined in an ability will auto-calculate each creature's save and apply the correct effect.


The quickest way to perform skills is to update the Options > Rules / Fast Skills

, (comma) - Fast Skill 1
. (period) - Fast Skill 2
/ (slash) - Fast Skill 3

Alternatively, you may select your creature and press the "K" key to bring up a Choose Skill menu. Then pick the category, and either double-click on the skill name to roll or single-click on the skill name and press the "OK" button to roll the skill check in the Game Log.

Alternatively, you may want to use the View Creature / Skills Tab to perform a skill check. Once you have opened the creature's character sheet and goto the skills tab, simply double-click the dice icon next to the skill name you wish to perform. The sill check result will be displayed in the Game Log.

Valeros 04 Skill.jpg