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Format Skills txt

When a game publisher creates new skills that you want your players to have access to; or, if you want to develop your own skills for your customized game, it will be useful to update the skills.txt file inside the ManuallySpecified directory.


<skill name> | <ability that modifies the roll> | <skill category>

Skill Name You can use any number of letters, numbers, special characters, etc. to describe the skill as part of the name. Just do not include "|" as part of the name, it will signal that you are done with the skill name.

Modifier You may choose the following, use all caps: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA, or <blank>. If you have a skill that has no modifier for ability, simply leave that section blank, with a space: " ". You will see in the Pathfinder RuleSet that languages are listed as skills (since Hero Lab exports them this way), there are no modifiers to this skill.

Category Remember, when creating skill categories that the choose skill decision window only has space for a few categories to keep selecting skills for use easier for the user to find and use. Also, sort your skills alphabetically, this will make sure when you are in the Skills Tab in the Edit Creature Window, that the skills you can add are populated alphabetically.


Speak Tien| |Social
Skill Name: Speak Tien
Modifier: none
Category: Social

Skill Name: Diplomacy
Modifier: CHA
Category: General

Profession: Fortune-teller|WIS|Craft/Perform/Profession
Skill Name: Profession: Fortune-teller
Modifier: WIS
Category: Craft/Perform/Profession


Concentration (CHA)|CHA|Other
Concentration (INT)|INT|Other
Concentration (WIS)|WIS|Other
Craft: Alchemy|INT|Craft/Perform/Profession
Craft: Armor|INT|Craft/Perform/Profession
Craft: Baskets|INT|Craft/Perform/Profession
Craft: Blacksmith|INT|Craft/Perform/Profession
Craft: Books|INT|Craft/Perform/Profession
Craft: Bows|INT|Craft/Perform/Profession
Craft: Calligraphy|INT|Craft/Perform/Profession