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Format Stats Zip

The Stats Tab on the creature's Mini can provide players and GMs valuable information quickly. If you are developing a new RuleSet, or would like to modify a RuleSet's Stats Tab open the file and follow along.


Inside the file contains the following

• row1.html Hit Points
• row2.html Armor Class
• row3.html Ability Scores and Modifiers
• row4.html Qualities
• row5.html Saves

Export the five HTML files, then edit them in either a fancy HTML editor or use Note Pad. The following list includes all the stats that can be tracked inside the Creature's Mini Window under the Stats Tab:


• $currentHP Current Hit Points
• $maxHP Max Hit Points
• $acMods AC Modifiers, such as DEX bonus, armor bonus, natural armor, etc.
• $normalAC Current AC with all modifiers included as one number.
• $touchAC Touch AC
• $flatAC Flat Footed AC
• $customD1 Custom Defense 1, as defined in Judge's Options/Rules Window
• $customD2 Custom Defense 2, as defined in Judge's Options/Rules Window
• $customD3 Custom Defense 3, as defined in Judge's Options/Rules Window
• $strScore Strength Score
• $strMod Strength Modifier
• $dexScore Dexterity Score
• $dexMod Dexterity Modifier
• $conScore Constitution Score
• $conMod Constitution Modifier
• $intScore Intelligence Score
• $intMod Intelligence Modifier
• $wisScore Wisdom Score
• $wisMod Wisdom Modifier
• $chaScore Charisma Score
• $chaMod Charisma Modifier
• $size Size Description
• $movement Movement Speed
• $bab Base Attack Bonus
• $quickNotes Annotation from the Edit Creature Window under the Notes Tab.
• $save1 Fortitude Save
• $save2 Reflex Save
• $save3 Will Save


After updating your 5 HTML files, put them back into the ZIP file and restart d20Pro to take effect.