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There are a lot of things that can impact the performance of a piece of software. We have listed here the general requirements for using D20PRO, tho as with most things in the software world-- more is better.


Windows Mac Linux
Platform windows.png Platform mac.png Platform linux.png


Type Preferred Supported Site Notes
Platform java.png Java 8 Java 8 Only early versions (< v3.6) of D20Pro require this, later versions come with java built in. Please avoid OpenJDK and JavaFX if possible as we have seen problems with that.


Type Minimum Recommended
System requirments ram.png 1GB - 256MB to dedicate to d20Pro. 4GB - 1GB to dedicate to d20Pro.
System requirments harddrive.png 100MB free to dedicate to d20Pro. 200MB+ free to dedicate to d20Pro.