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Show effect status icon

 Minis will now display a special icon to indicate they are under 1 or more effects.

Active Effects Window (Judge)

 All active Effects are now summarized in the Active Effects Window.  If you have
 any effects in play, open this Window for fine tune control over the Effects
 and the Minis they effect.

Movement measure modification

 You may now configure diagnoals to count as 1 or 1.5.  This toggle is found
 in Options->General next to the Units combo.

Max crit multiplier

 A weapon's critical multiplier may now be set to MAX if you want max damage
 on a critical hit.

Ability to change passwords & email

 You may now change your password or email in the software.  Password reset
 is coming soon.

Creature Import/Export refinement

 Additional text added to explain how creature import / export currently
 works.  Expect further improvements to this usability soon.

Mac specific tuneups

 Holding down the option (alt) key now simulates a right-click.  Also some rendering
 issues with buttons have been addressed.  Expect even more Mac improvements soon. 

Native file chooser for Windows

 Option for Windows is to use the native file chooser. This is recommended for
 Windows users as there is a known issue with Java's file chooser that can
 cause the application to hang in certain circumstances.  This toggle is found
 in Options->General.  

Window X now closes and downward triangle hides

 Previously the X would always hide.
 The X button on the Window frame would previously hide the Window.  Now the X will close
 the Window and any tabs open within it are discarded.  The hide functionality is now
 available through the downward triangle button to the left of the Window's title.

New starter content

 More starter graphics have been provided.  

Improved File Exports

 File extensions are now applied by default.

System messages

 System messages that used to pop up in Decision Window now go to Game Log Window.
 Certain status messages used to pop up in the Decision Window.  These now are routed
 to the Game Log.  Expect more improvements to this system in the near future.  

Streamlined dice roll hiding

 The Judge now has a single toggle button that controls whether or not Judge rolls are 
 shown to Players.  A roll generated by a Player will always be shown to all Players.


Creature Library not refreshing after import

 The Creature Library should now accurately reflect its contents after importing
 a creature.

When in draw mode, a right-drag draws on that square

 Previously the right-drag would inadvertently paint in that square.

Minis owned don't get their dice results

 Players will now always see dice results for Minis they control.

Creature Window loses Special Abilities

 Fixed bug where toggling between multiple Minis in the Mini Window would cause
 the Abilities to be listed incorrectly.

Draw console fails when no map open

 Bringing up the Draw Console in the Tools Window no longer has a problem is no
 maps are open.