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Combined Game Log and Chat

 Configure multiple tabs, each a Subscription to various types of Channels.
 Player to Player tell is now supported using the /tell command.
 Type /help for more information.

Enhanced scaled Tile management

 The Manage Tiles Draw Tool has been rebuilt with far improved interaction
 for repositioning and resizing.  Also Tiles may now be rotated and made
 invisible to Players.  

Roster Overhaul

 The Roster now shows Active and Passive Minis at the same time.  A Mini
 may be dragged from one to the other to toggle and one area may be hidden.

Zero Dice

 If the number of dice is 0 then only compute modifiers with effects.
 Likewise for 0 sides, the final result will always be 0 including effects.

BAB override feature

 A Mini may now be assigned a hardcoded BAB rather than the one calculated
 based on levels.  

Last Attack

 Pressing Q or using a Mini's context menu to repeat the prior attack.  


 Use Abilities now directly via Mini context menu

Importer Improvements

 Numerous 3rd-party importer improvements

Attack Sequence

 Refined attack sequence

Names and Colors

 Refined Team names and colors 

Split Tools Menu

 The Judge Tools menu is now split logically into Game Tools and Draw Tools.

Simplified Creature import and export

 Browse directly to the desired Creature file now instead of fixed location.

Hint popups

 Both Random and Context hints have been added and will be flushed out 
 further in future releases.  Popups may be disabled in General Options.

Start and Popup menus

 Newly skinned Start and Popup menus

Various Skin touchups

 Introduced new icons and graphics.  Please pardon the work in progress.

Launching the App

 Judge and Player launch now integrated within d20Pro Live


 Password reset


  • Frames now remember position and if they were previously shown
  • Dex modifier fixed for flat-footed Mini
  • Wizard spell book has multi-select and "wild click" proofing
  • Fog of War now renders black in all cases.
  • Renamed a Mini's 'Quick Notes' to 'Annotation'
  • Mini's speed now supports large values
  • * And speed will now convert automatically based on the units.
  • * Multiple speed types are coming soon.
  • Corrected the unexpected black background issue
  • Additions and corrections to the built in classes.txt
  • Help hotkey (F1) restored