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Importing image should result in it being chosen

 When assigning an image for a Creature or Item, importing a new
 one will now select it immediately

Creature added to map should be active by default

 Previously new Creatures weren't in initiative by default.

Elemental Types

New elemental types

Updated Creature importer (WOTC)


Rectangular tiles don't rotate correctly

 The new tile rotation feature now works for non-square tiles

Windows 7 UAC

 Windows 7 UAC error asks user if program was installed correctly.

Esc hangs

 Hitting Esc hangs Edit Creature dialog


 Underscores in usernames now supported

Shortcut Keys

 Improve rendering of shortcut keys in menu items

Edit Creature

 Edit Creature abilities area too short for HP content

Help Action

 Added missing commands to /help action

Patch installer

 Patch installer no longer append d20Pro to path