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Creature Importer Plugin System

 Import Creature functionality now functions within a plugin environment.  
 Simply drop a new ImportCreaturePlugin file 
 in <install directory>/judge/plugins/ and it is immediately available 
 via the Import button in the Creature Library.  Plugins previously included
 are now provided out-of-the-box as stock Plugins.  This plugin system allows
 the d20Pro Team to react much more rapidly when third parties make changes
 to their formats.  This also opens the door for hobby developers to write 
 their own custom d20Pro ImportCreaturePlugin classes.

Customizable Stats Tab for Character Mini Window

 The information displayed in the Stats tab in the Mini window can now be
 customized by editing files found 
 in <install directory>/judge/campaigns/<campaign name>/res/ManuallySpecified/stats.zip 
 and by adding special tags to the notes section of the creature.

Campaign Folders

 Judges now have multiple 'campaigns' stored in d20Pro that use customized 
 skill lists, feat lists, character classes, etc. The Judge chooses which
 campaign they will be using from a drop-down list below the alias before
 starting the game.  d20Pro must be restarted  to change campaigns. This 
 feature eliminates the need to maintain multiple installations of d20Pro 
 which use different customized lists. 

More Robust Critical Hit System

 You can now add extra damage on critical hits and this damage can by a
 specified type. (e.g. a flaming burst weapon can deal deal +1d10 fire 
 damage on a critical).

Streamlined Game Setup

 Options to change communication port and set a game password are now hidden
 by default to avoid any confusion during game setup. Clicking on the �Advanced� 
 button will toggle access to these options.

Importer for Pathfinder Bestiary

 Added ability to import creatures from Hero Lab's Pathfinder Bestiary add-on.

Automatic Quick Save During Initiative

 In the Judge pane of the Options window there is now an option to Quick Save 
 after every initiative change in combat.

Triple-Click works as Right-Click

 Triple clicking on a creature on the map or in the roster should 
 simulate a right-click.

Map Marker Improvements

 - When a Judge drags a marker it will broadcast automatically
 - Player made changes will now 'stick' whereas before the changes would 
   be lost when dragging
 - Organized Map Marker table
 - Map Markers now show information in a tooltip

Notes in Story Tab

 If a player owns a creature, everything in the Notes section of that creature's
 character sheet will be displayed at the bottom of the Story tab in the creature's 


Critical Hit Max Damage

 An attack can be created to do maximum damage on a critical hit by setting the
 critical hit modifier to �x1�. Instead of �x1� this now reads �MAX� to better 
 indicate its functionality.

Placing Tiles on Top of Each Other

 Use Ctrl-Click to force place a Tile on top of another tile. 

Duplicate Tiles Will Retain Previous Tile's Size

 When placing multiples of the same tile on a map the new tiles will no longer
 sometimes revert to the default 2x2 size but will keep the same size as the 
 previously placed tile. You can still change the size of the new tiles before 
 placing them.

Original Value for DR and ER Displayed Correctly

 The Attack Resolution Damage window previously displayed the damage modified
 by DR and ER in both the modified and unmodified boxes. The original, unmodified 
 damage will now be displayed correctly so the Judge can make the correct changes 
 if necessary.

Reflex Saves to Negate Damage Working

 Effects which allow a reflex save to negate damage are applying half damage if
 the save is made. These Effects will not apply damage now if the reflex save is made.