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Launch Player directly from Infrno

 The Infrno.net social network and gaming website now provides the option
 to enable d20Pro games.  Once a game is enabled as d20Pro, players logged
 on to Infrno will have a "Launch d20Pro" link that will generate a XML file
 that provides the necessary information for d20Pro to connect to that game.
 Users on the Windows OS will find their most recently installed d20Pro will
 recognize this file and open it directly from their browser.  Enhanced file
 type support is coming soon for other operating systems.  In the meantime
 download the file instead of opening it, start d20Pro, click "Player" then 
 click the "Advanced" button and then click "Open Launch File..." and choose
 the file you just downloaded.  The file's information will be loaded so 
 then click the green check mark to join the game.

Creature Status

 Creatures may now be assigned status icons.  Any image files found in the 
 <install directory>/judge/campaigns/<campaign name>/res/ManuallySpecified/status.zip 
 will be available as a status in the Alter->Status menu by right-clicking a 

Creature Facing

 Creatures may now be assigned facing.  The Judge must enable facing by going
 to Options->Judge and selecting one (or both) of "Show rotated Creature picture"
 or "Show rotated Creature arrow".  Creatures may be rotated 45 degrees left
 or right by highlighting them and pressing [ or ].  Creatures may also be
 rotated via the context menu using the new "Rotate" sub-menu.  Please note that
 the Creature resize keys have moves to { and }.

Configurable Fast Skills

 The 3 skills in the Action menu used to be hardcoded to Move Silently, Hide, and
 Tumble.  These may now be fully customized to your favorite 3 skills for your
 favorite ruleset.  Go to Options->General and to configure your options.

Toggle to Display Creature Damage

 Judges may now hide % damage information from their players.  Go to Options->Judge
 and deselect "Show Players extend of Creature damage".  Now Players will no longer
 see  the red bar of damage or when a Creature reaches 0 hit points.  Players will 
 see when a Creature drops below 0 and at or below -10 hit points.  Note that Players 
 will always see all information for  Creatures they are assigned ownership of.

Change Grid and Background Color on Existing Map

 The Judge may now alter the grid and background color for an open Map.  Select
 Draw Tools from the Main Menu then click on the "Draw" button (the first on the
 left).  Click the "Edit Map Properties..." button and select the desired colors.
 Please note that support for resizing the Map is not available yet but is coming soon.

Create New Campaign Button

 When running d20Pro and choosing Judge, there is now a "Create Campaign..." button
 after you click the "Advanced" button.  This convenience feature creates a new (empty)
 Campaign folder that you may begin populating with images, rules, and other data.

Updated Command Line Options

 Gamers may enter /help in the GameLog for the complete list of available options.

Opaque Windows

 This setting, found in Options->General, allows you to turn off the transparent 
 background of the floating Windows.  Checking this option may improve performance.

Exit Prompt

 Exiting d20Pro will now show a confirmation dialog first.  Go to Options->General
 and uncheck "Confirm on Exit" to disable the prompt.


Handouts Now Portable With Campaign

 File based Handouts now store a copy the file data so they are full portable with
 the associated Campaign folder.  If you modify the source file you will need to
 recreate the Handout to reflect this change.  An ability to update a file based
 Handout is coming soon.

Multiple Map export is back

 Multiple Maps may now be exported at the same time to a single file.

Mac Command-Q Handled Properly

 Mac OS X specific support has been added to properly route the Command-Q action to
 exit d20Pro normally.  Previously using Command-Q would exit without saving the game.