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Creature Status Improvements

 Creature Status is now managed in its own window.  After selecting one or more
 Creatures, right-click or press the 'U' hotkey.  Status icons are displayed in 
 a scroll pane to support unlimited numbers of them.  Note that when a check is
 grayed out that means some of the selected Creatures have that status while others
 do not.  These assignments will not change unless you toggle that check to either
 fully on or off.

Creature Reveal Damage Improvements

 Whether Creature damage to revealed creature damage is now set to one of the following modes:
 - All: all Creatures will show their damage on both the Judge and all Players.
 - Team + dead or dying: Includes any creature < 0 hit points along with Player owned
   and Team creatures.  
 - Player owned and team: show damage for only Creatures owned by a particular Player 
   or Creatures on the same team as a Creature owned by that Player.
     - Player owned: show damage only for Creature owned by the particular Player.
     - Judge only: show damage only to the Judge.
     - None: no Creatures will show damage to either the Judge or Players.  

Attack Roll Override

 The Judge may now click on an attack or critical confirm roll to override it.  This
 is useful for both Players who wish to roll "analog" at the table as well as Judges 
 who wish to fudge their rolls.

Stacked Creature Improvements

 Now when a Creature is up in initiative it will display on top of other Creatures.
 Also when a Player clicks on a Creature in the Roster, that Creature will always
 stay on top.

Bulk Image Processor

 This powerful new convenience utility provides operations handy for optimizing images
 used with d20Pro.  Currently four operations are available:
 - Make Square: useful for Creature and Item tokens that aren't a perfect square
 - Set Rotation: useful for overhead tokens that point down instead of up
 - Offset: useful for Map images where the grid does not align with the origin
 - Resize: useful for rescaling large Maps so use less memory and transmit to Players faster
 These operations will then be applied to the chosen file or directory.  For best results
 use this tool on images *beforeintroducing them to d20Pro.  Activate this tool by clicking 
 "Process Images..." in Options->Judge.  

Print Creature to HTML (Beta)

 Creatures may now be printed to HTML that will open in your default Web browser.
 The template used is chosen in the Options->Rules and may be configured aftermarket.
 These template files may be found in ~/res/templates/print.

Creature Facing Improvements

 Creature facing now shows in the Roster when "Show rotated Creature picture" is selected.
 Also fixed a rendering issue with rotation when the map was zoomed all the way out.  

Hero Lab Importer Improvements

 Important Note: Be sure to also update your Hero Lab to gain all these features.    
 - Images from the Gallery are now imported.  The first image in the Gallery, if present,
    will become the image for the imported Creature.
 - Class skills are now recognized.
     - More comprehensive Attack logic
         o Better detection of weapon type Slashing Bludgeoning and Piercing
         o Weapon material types
         o Alignment types (Holy adds Good, Axiomatic adds Lawful etc.)
         o Extra damage added for: Flaming, Frost, Corrosive, Shock, Burst Types, 
           Merciful, Vicious
         o Maintains old logic for older Hero Lab files.
     - Handle Archetypes by placing the Archetype in the Notes section      
     - Miscellaneous AC modifier bug fixed

Filterable Item Tables

 All Item tables now provide a filter area.

Sortable Tables

 All tables in d20Pro are now sortable by clicking in the table header.  Each header
 has three modes: natural, small to large, and large to small.  You may sort multiple
 columns at once by using control-click.  

Map Template Additions

 Added "Square Burst" and "Square Blast" for greater variety.  

Attack Improvements

 New tooltips on Declare Attacks and Resolve Damage for name, qualities, and target DR.  
 New attacks now default "+6/+1" to No.
 Attack damages may now be set to have no qualities (e.g. slashing).

Automatic Broadcast Option

 Found in Options->Judge, selecting "Broadcast game when a Player connects" will automatically
 issue broadcast whenever a Player connects to the game.

Launching d20Pro Improvements

 Now when d20Pro starts the following will be verified:
 - Java Installed Check: if Java is not available on the path a message will display.
 - Java Version Check: if an unsupported version of Java is used a message will display.
 - File System Check: if d20Pro can't write to the file system a message will display.  

Installer Improvements (Windows)

 - Memory settings are now configurable from within the installer for initial setup.  Or
   simply run the Update Installer on top of your existing installation to modify the
   memory configuration.
 - Improved uninstaller that will only remove files and folders introduced by d20Pro.  Will
   also prompt if you wish to retain or delete your Campaign files.


Loading Effects

 Loaded Effects now remember their type whereas before they reverted to unnamed.

Spell Casting

 The 9th level spells are now available via the "Choose Spell" interface.

Feat Editing

 Layout issues with adding and removing Feats have been addressed.

Item Table Count

 The # column used to track the number of a particular item now accepts valid values.

Removed Obsolete Spell Action

 The obsolete popup menu option "Add/Remove Selected" in the Spell table was removed.

Tile Resize Dialog

 The resize dialog now uses its current size instead of defaulting to 2x2.

Close Map window

 The "Close Map" window now centers properly.