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d20Pro Content Marketplace

 Available by logging in to d20Pro Live, the Content Marketplace is your one stop shop
 for third-party content.  

Look and Feel Overhaul

 New images, colors have been introduced throughout to make d20Pro more consistent
 and visually appealing.  Creatures on the Map may now have their colored team borders
 turned off in Options->General. This is useful for overhead minis in particular.

Revamped Image Chooser

 The Image Chooser has a new layout that should make browsing for images much more

Individual Dice Rolls

 When rolling multiple dice, the individuals are now shown in addition to the total.

Map Marker Improvements

 The Map Marker system has been improved. Creation and editing of Markers is now 
 centralized to the Game Tools window and there are new buttons to easily find
 Markers and use their descriptions as box text. Markers may also be selected from
 the default mouse mode to easily access them during a game. Markers also now
 have additional size and shape options.

Handout Gump Best Fit

 Image handouts now default to a best fit mode.

Customizable Game Log Colors

 The Game Log now features more color highlighting. These colors may also be customized
 by modifying the gamelogcolors.txt file found in ~/judge/pref and ~/player/pref. If
 this file does not exist, run d20Pro as Judge or Player and it will be created.  You
 must restart for changes to this file to take affect. An in app GUI will be released
 in the near future to make color customization easier.

Private Message Improvements

 Tells no longer play a chime for all Players to hear.  

Chat Sound

 Play sound when player talks in character

Elemental Resistance

 Change Elemental Resistance Edit page to more functional Table

Increased Zoom Levels

 Added more granularity to the Map zooming. This primarily to accommodate more exact
 alignment of projected maps to 1" squares.  

Character Sheet Additions

 - Alignment
 - XP
 - Dodge AC
 - Class Delete Button 

Server Status Page

 When d20Pro is unable to connect to d20Pro Live, a dialog appears that shows the 
 status of the Server. This will help differentiate between a specific connection
 problem and a widespread one.

Java 7 Support


Handout Images Now Handling Case

 Image detection using extensions is now case insensitive.

Prevent Creation of Map Marker Off Map

 Attempting to create a Marker off the Map will cause it to appear 
 on the nearest edge instead.

Native File Chooser Hanging [Windows only]

 Due to unforseen problems with a recent Java release that caused the native
 Windows file chooser to hang, the native mode is no longer the default. Also
 a confirmation dialog appears when attempting to turn this option on to warn
 of the potential problem.

Team Colors Hiding Creature Name

 Alternate colors are used to provide better contrast with dark Team colors.

Attack Confirmation Negative Value

 Negative value now displays correctly 

Public IP Address Detection

 Now works with the updated whatismyip.com web service.

New Handout Names

 When creating a new Handout, the name is no longer forced to lowercase.

Game Log

 - The Game Log now shows the first tab on startup instead of the last.
 - Rolling damage with dice with 0 sides now appears in Game Log.

Choose Skill

 Fixed bug when no Skills in skills.txt had the 'Other' category.

Editing Feats

 The Edit Creature screen now gracefully handles attempts to create a duplicate
 Feat through the Custom button.