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Improved d20Pro Content Marketplace

 - The Marketplace is now launchable directly from within the Judge's "Downloads" window.
 - Products may now contain Rules files in addition to Creatures, Maps, Handouts, etc.
 - Welcome screen greets you and will be periodically updated with what's new and good.
 - Judges may download up to 3 products at once, all while running your game.
 - Added "Delete after import" checkbox option.
 - Added a Delete All button in the "Download" window. 

Improved Tile Management

 - All Tiles on a Map are now listed in a scrolling table in the "Draw Tools" window.
 - A Tile's visibility may toggled directly from this table.
 - The "Sink" and "Raise" button allow fine control over how the Tiles layer. 
 - Tiles may now be locked in place to prevent their inadvertent jostling during play.

Improved Map Markers

 - In addition to geometric shapes, a Marker may now be Icon based. The image shown is
   is selected from those provided in the new Rules file "markers.zip".
 - Markers now center in the nearest map square instead of on the edge.

Improved Keyboard Shortcuts

 The entire keyboard shortcut subsystem is rewritten to add additional keys and improve
 interaction in general. Please refer to the upcoming new and improved help.d20pro.com
 for a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts available in d20Pro. Highlights include:
 - Quickly switch between open Maps with Alt-1 through Alt-9
 - Easily move and resize Map Tiles with the arrow keys
 - Demand and dismiss Windows such as Core Dice, Game Log, Roster, Game Tools and more.

Swappable Skin

 The XML and image files that comprise the look and feel (skin) of d20Pro are now 
 isolated in a new file: ~/res/skin.jar. Open this file with any ZIP utility (or
 temporarily rename it to .zip) and take a look inside. The laf.xml file contains a 
 variety of settings, such as font size. WARNING: only the advanced (and patient) should
 attempt modifying the skin.jar directly. Make a backup and if d20Pro fails to start or
 otherwise misbehaves, revert your change and try again.

Improved Command Line

 The command line now supports partial matches for commands. Also added several new
 commands. Please type /? or /help in the Game Log for a full list of commands.


License Purchases

 The Purchase License button is no longer incorrectly disabled during an active Trial.

Memory Management

 Fixed out of memory bug in v3.0.0 where Tile images were not being cleaned up properly.

Command line whatismyip.com

 Fixed the /myip command to use the updated whatismyip.com protocol.

Creature Elevation

 A Creature's elevation will now be converted properly if not using 5' squares.

Initiative Order

 Removing Creatures from initiative no longer has the undesirable side effect of
 advancing game time by 1 Round. 

Spell Effect with AC Deflection Buff

 Fixed the Deflection modifier of an effect to persist.