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Completely Overhauled Fog of War

 - Areas of a Map are now hidden by FoW elements known as Regions. Each Region is a polygon
   with any number of sides that may or may not be snapped to the grid. Circular rooms and
   diagonal hallways are now fully supported.
 - Visibility Mode: easily toggle Regions between active/inactive to control what Players see
 - Manipulate Mode: powerful toolkit to organize and mold Regions to fit your Map
 - Paint Mode: quickly introduce new shapes as "raw clay" to be customized in Manipulate Mode  
 - Automatic Reveal: optional prompt for revealing Regions on the map on based on Player moves 

PCGen Plugin

 Now supports Creatures exported from PCGen, in addition to Hero Lab and Character Builder.
 Please verify your PCGen install has the template to export in d20Pro-recognized format.  

Sticky Map Tiles

 The Map Tile tool now has a "sticky" mode. When enabled, this causes any Creatures and
 Items on top of a Tile to stay stuck, moving and rotating accordingly to in relative place.

Global Creature Control

 The Judge may now indicate that a Creature is global, allowing all Players to share control.

Random Dice Roller

 Dice rolled by d20Pro are now significantly more random by use of Java's SecureRandom. 

Marketplace Improvements

 Various Look and Feel improvements to the Marketplace.

Bulk Image Processor

 Added Crop and Expert mode to Bulk Image Processor

Map Usability

 - Tiles when placed now maintain their aspect ratio using a configurable pixels per 
   square (DPI) calculation.
 - Creatures now pick before Markers when using the default Map instrument. This addressed
   a usability issue where a Creature would get stuck under a Marker.
 - Maps may now be enlarged during game-play, building out the grid in any direction. 

Hosting Games

 The Judge's selected port is now displayed when showing the public and private IPs. 

Declare Attacks Faster

 The Declare Attacks window now responds immediately when an attack row is pressed, whereas
 before you would also need to click OK to proceed. When a particular row has multiple 
 Attacks, clicking on the row declares all of them and clicking a single +X button declares
 just that Attack. Fast mode is used by default but may be toggled in the General Options.

Creature Menu Button

 When a single Creature is selected, a small button appears that will show the Creature Menu,
 equivalent to right-clicking on that Creature. Does not yet support multiple Creatures.
 This button will appear by default but may be toggled in the General Options.

Creature Skills Tab

 Now lists the total number of Skill ranks, similar to encumbrance in the Items Tab.  


Protected Content

 Protected Content used to show up locked to the Players incorrectly in some
 situations. This has been fixed and all existing Content should now behave normally.

Saving & Loading Effects

 Loading effects no longer corrupts them when saving as different name.    

Declare Attacks

 The buttons that select the attacks no longer chop off large numbers (e.g. +32).

Game Log

 Copy and paste out of the Game Log no longer drops the natural roll of the d20.

Character Sheet

 Fixed sorting of modifiers in the Attack and Skill tables.

Ability Checks & Effects

 Buffs now are accounted for during Ability Check rolls.  

Keyboard Hotkeys

 Fixed issue where Alt-Tab would cause some keyboard shortcut keys to be ignored.

Exporting Not Overwriting

 When exporting Maps, Creatures, etc from d20Pro, when the destination file already 
 existed that existing file would not be overwritten. This has been corrected.   
 Fixed issue where Alt-Tab would cause some keyboard shortcut keys to be ignored.