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Fog of War Improvements

 - Added negative space as on option per Map. In this mode, any part of the Map that is not
   covered by a Region is automatically hidden from the Players. This prevents the need to 
   create Regions by hand to cover the blank spots on the map that are (typically) out of
   bounds. Toggle this on and off using a checkbox in the FoW Window. 
 - Added Draw Mode that allows freeform creation of Regions simply by clicking where you
   want the Knots. Hold the Shift key to draw straight lines. 
 - Added Fill (aka Easy FoW) control to Map creation windows that will flood the newly created Map 
   with 1x1 FoW Regions so the Judge may simply hide and show. This feature is primarily for those 
   who preferred the original Fog of War in v3.1 and before.

PCGen Importer Enhancements

 The PCGen Importer is now fully supported, with attacks and spells. Give it a try!

Pathfinder Power Attack

 The Judge Rules now has an option to configure Power Attack to work per Pathfinder rules.  

Flexible Death Condition

 The death condition is now configurable to support 3.5, Pathfinder, 4E and more.
 - Negative Value: Creature will die when HP reaches this negative value. Defaults to -10 but may
   be set to any value <= 0. If set to 0, creatures will no longer get disabled/staggered but 
   die at 0 instead.
 - Negative Ability: Creature will perish when HP reaches the negative of the current ability
   score. Defaults to CON but may be set to any of the six abilities.
 - Percent Max: Creature will perish when HP reaches the negative % of Max HP. Defaults to 50% but
   may be set to any value between 1 and 100 (inclusive).
 - The Diehard feat is supported in these 3 modes; the Creature will be Disabled instead of Dying.  
   Skill System Improvements
 - The spell effect system now supports modifiers to Skills, similar to how Abilities buffs works.
 - When performing a Skill, the Recent list is now pre-filled with the top-ranked Skills. 

No Ability Score

 An ability score may now be left blank, allowing for constructs and undead to have no Constitution. 

Import Image Dialogs Have Improved Memory

 When importing Creature and Map images, all the settings are now remembered for future use.

Rotate Picture Default

 The Judge Option 'Show rotated Creature picture' is now on by default.

Suppress Tile Delete Confirmation

 Added the Judge Option 'Prompt before deleting a Tile'.

Improved Linux Support

 Updated d20pro.sh to be a professional quality wrapper script with settings in an optional file.

Map Markers

 The Map Markers are now created by simply clicking an open area on the Map. Also includes other
 usability improvements to Markers, such as markers are not forced to the grid anymore (floating).
 Each Marker may be toggled to paint above or below the Creatures. Markers now support the full
 gamut of sizes.    

Library Export

 - All: Standardized multi import and export (with the exception of Items). 
   When multiple are selected you now choose to send them all to a single file 
   or create a file per selection in a chosen directory. 
 - Map: The Judge is now warned if a Map being exported is currently open because changes to the open Map
   are not reflected in the Library until that Map is closed and the Library copy is overwritten.  

Main Menu Map Improvements

 Added icon buttons at the top right of the Main Menu to allow for quickly saving or editing the
 properties of the current Map. The save action uses the hotkey F12 for extra convenience.    

Bulk Handout Creation

 The creation of Handouts now supports a multiple files mode. 

Alter Creature Additions

 The Judge's Alter menu now supports bulk reassignment for all selected Creatures to a new image.
 A bulk replace is also available to make selected Creatures copy any Creature from the Library.

Creature Labels

 Each Creature now has optional Top and Bottom labels that will render above or below it on the Map.
 To set these use Description tab of the Edit Creature window or via the Alter menu. Labels may be:
 - Off: no label will show
 - Name: the Creature's name will be shown
 - Custom: a custom label will be shown
 - Owner: as Custom but only the Judge and that Creature's owner(s) will see
 - Judge: a custom label only visible to the Judge

Marker Labels

 Each Map Marker now has optional Top and Bottom labels like Creatures. The only difference is only the 
 first three modes (Off, Name, Custom) are available at this time.

Optimized Tile Rendering

 Tiles that are rotated now render must faster, as they are now cached. Especially for large images
 (e.g. Scrying Eye's Ships of Fantasy) the render speed should be at least one order of magnitude faster.

Paint Cells Above or Below Tiles

 Painted cells (solid color or with images) may now be placed beneath Tiles. Previously they would always
 paint on top, preventing you from using a Tile on top of painted cell. This is toggled with a choicebox
 in the Paint Color and Paint Image modes in Draw Tools.


 The Player Client will now quickly display when connection to the Judge's Game is lost.


 Improved randomness of the dice roller.

Java 7 Warning

 The warning that shows at startup may now be toggled off in Options->General.  


Save/Load Effects

 The Save and Load buttons when editing an Effect now preserve the duration and saving throw information.
 Also, overwriting a saved Effect now works properly. 

Library Interaction

 The Map and Creature Libraries have been tuned so any given Map or Creature in the Library can be
 open at once. Also improved how open Maps are handled when renamed. Multiple file importing is now
 supported for Maps and Handouts. 

No Rubber Banding

 Previously when the Judge sends a game update (or another Player causes one by moving), all other
 Player's movement would get reset. This has been corrected so the Player's movement will only get
 reset if that particular Creature make or cancels its move.

Publicly Owned Creatures

 Pressing 'Done' now works for Players controlling publicly owned Creatures.

Fast Healing and DOT

 Fast healing and damage over time now trigger correctly for all Creatures in the Active Roster.

Improved Marketplace Import

 Importing the same Product multiple times will now reuse the existing images rather than
 duplicate them.

Typing Boxed Text

 Typing in the Boxed Text area no longer gets mistaken for keyboard shortcuts.

Fog of War

 The Paint mode of FoW no longer allows illegal Scale of '0'. 
 Reversed the color of the eye icon in the table to be consistent. Green now indicates that
 Region is active, concealing that area to the Players. Red means the Region is turned off
 and the Map and Creatures underneath will appear.
 The Split operation for Regions has been fixed and should now work properly.

Handout Library

 Fixed where changing name or module was not reflected in an exported Handout.

Popup Windows

 Popup windows will no center correctly whereas before they might have appeared on a different monitor.    

Rotated Images

 Fixed certain cases with Java7, where rotated images would be incorrectly colored. Also fixed
 incorrect rotation in some situations with Creatures on top of Tiles.

Saving Effects

 Saving an Effect that overrides an preexisting Effect by the same name now works correctly.

Skill Effects

 An effect that modifies a Skill now works if that Skill does not have an associated ability.   

Strength Penalty

 For two-hand and off-hand attacks, a strength penalty to damage is no longer incorrectly multiplied.

Zero Sided Dice

 Zero sided dice now functioning properly again, resulting in a value of 0 in all cases.

Armor Class and Effects

 Effects should now work in all cases, including when Effects have negative values. 

What is My IP

 Decoupled IP address lookup from a static approach to a dynamic one so it can be updated without
 requiring a software release.  


 The Windows installer now remembers prior memory allocation settings.