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Fog of War Improvements

 - Easy Fog of War: A new tool that allows cell by cell masking. You either are 
   hiding are showing the Map. Any cells you drag over will be set to shown or not 
   according to the mode. Easy Mode works in conjunction with the existing FoW
   system to toggle the Region visibility.
 - Nearby Knot Snapping: when drawing FoW Regions, newly placed Knots will snap
   to an existing Knot nearby. This mode is toggled on from the FoW console in 
   the Game Tools window.  

Improved Map Creation

 A completely rewritten wizard for creating Maps simplifies the process in general
 while also adding some advanced image manipulation capabilities. 

Campaign Management

 Improved Campaign Management

Memory Management

 Improved Memory Management

Hero Lab

 Hero Lab Importer Improvements

Image Chooser

 A double-click will now choose the selected image.
 Info label shows the filename and image dimension.

Tile Detail Control

 The Tile Detail setting in Options -> General allows you to artificially limit
 the size of your tiles in memory. If you are having memory issues with 
 hi-resolution tiles, you can reduce the maximum possible size with this setting. 


 Images from file are now loaded with ImageIO.  


   The JMF library is available as an alternate to javax.sound to address a reported 
   issue where sound effects stop playing on OS X. Enable this from General->Options.

Mac Improvements

 - Command keys for clipboard (C, V, X) are now recognized.  

JPEG Encoding

 Now using an alternative JPEG encoder that does not create images that render
 red-tinted outside of d20Pro. 


Judge Image Processing

 Fixed issue where rescaling an image would lose transparency.  

Marketplace Improvements

 Now prompts to download missing Marketplace key. Otherwise some users may experience problems
 using previously downloaded content on a fresh install.

Creature Label

 Labels now show correctly to Players.