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Bulk Image Import

 The Map, Creature, and Item Libraries now feature a Copy Images Wizard where you target
 a folder of images for bulk copy into the corresponding resource folder (FLR, CTR, ITEM).
 Click on the "Images" button at the bottom of the corresponding Library to launch the wizard.

Bulk Creature Replace

 Significantly improved the ability to replace multiple Creatures on a Map at once. To
 utilize this feature, select all Creatures to be overwritten and then activate the 
 right-click menu and choose Alter -> Bulk Replace...

Show Campaign Folder

 A new Folder button in the top right of Options -> Judge will ask the operating system to
 show the folder containing the active Campaign.   

Product Publishing

 A number of improvements to make publishing products more intuitive.


Product Publishing

 FTPing of product images now properly uses Binary file transfer.