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Bulk Image Import Wizard

 A brand new interface that allows the Judge to quickly and easily add image files
 and/or entire directories of images to use as Map Tiles, Creature Tokens, or Item
 Tokens. Click the "Images" button at the bottom of the corresponding library to
 launch this new interface. 

Drag & Drop Support

 Image files may now be dragged from the OS and dropped in a number of places:
 - Create Map Wizard
 - Edit Creature Dialog
 - Import CTR Image 
 - Import ITEM Image
 - Text Field File Choosers
 Map files (.d20_map) may now be dragged to the Map Library to import them.

Faster Judge Startup

 The resource system no longer scans for changes at startup, which should speed
 up launch times. GMs with large campaigns should notice a dramatic improvement. 
 As a caveat, if any images are copied into the res/FLR, res/CTR, or
 res/ITEM folders these will not be detected at launch the way they used to be.
 Instead the GM should go to Options -> Judge and click "Refresh Resources" to
 initiate the scan.  	

Revamped Browser Launcher

 Now uses the Java Desktop to launch the browser. 

Product Publishing

 Vastly improved final form of the product publishing interface.


JPEG Performance

 JPEG images encoded by d20Pro pre-v3.4.1 would render sluggishly in v3.4.1+. 
 These files are now repaired automatically and performance should return to normal.