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Creature Merge Wizard

 An existing Creature in-game may now be merged with an incoming Creature chosen from the
 Creature Library. This wizard is activated by "Alter -> Merge" from the Creature context

New Creature Character Sheet

 The default character sheet shown when double-clicking on an in-game Creature has been
 replaced with a new, comprehensive interface. To activate the new character sheet for
 legacy Campaigns, click the "Show Campaign Folder" button in "Options -> Judge" and
 delete the ~/res/ManuallySpecified/stats.zip file and restart d20Pro.

Overwrite Library Creature

 When using the "Location -> Save Creature" menu option for a Creature, you will receive
 an overwrite prompt if there is already a Creature in the Library with the same name
 and module. Creature Import will also prompt for overwrite.

View Game Log History

 View a complete history of the game log by clicking the new icon button at the top of 
 Options -> Judge next to the Campaign's name. This is a convenience method to deal with
 the long standing "Game.html" file residing in the campaign's "game" folder.

Display IP Address in Title

 Both the Player and Judge apps display the game's IP address and port in the title bar.	 	


  • Saving mechanism on exit is now more robust.