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New Interactive Creature Character Sheet

 The new character sheet, accessed by double-clicking on a Creature, is now interactive and will
 respond to clicks to rolls skills, saving throws, and ability checks. Will also trigger 
 attacks and special abilities. Hitpoints are also modifiable from this screen - including the
 ability for the Player to update the hitpoints of a Creature they control.

Improved Window Memory

 Judge and Player windows now remember their position on multiple monitors. Maximized
 windows are also handled properly.

Delete Creature Dialog

 Deleting Creatures from the game now shows an improved confirmation dialog
 with pictures of the Creatures to be deleted for extra clarity.

Edit Creature Refinement

 Attempting to commit the Edit Creature dialog will now warn if a Special Ability was still
 being edited. Previously the Edit Creature dialog would allow you to commit without confirming
 changes to a Special Ability currently being edited.


  • Encumbrance display now handles fractions correctly.
  • Improved threading so Judge won't temporarily freeze right when a Player connects.