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Player Editable Character Sheets

 Players may now edit Creatures they control while logged into the game. When the Player applies
 these changes they are sent to the GM for line by line review. The GM may decide to keep all, 
 some, or none of the proposed changes. The Player can modify all aspects of the Creature except
 for choosing a different image (includes Item images). 

SRD Add-on

 System Reference Documents are now available in-app! There are two Add-ons provided
 "out of the box" and more may be added by dropping them in the judge/addon/srd folder.
 GMs can opt in to using an SRD Add-on when creating a Campaign or managing an existing
 Campaign. Players can opt in under their advanced options when joining a game. To activate
 the SRD during the game, look for SRD in the Main Menu. 

Syrinscape integration (URI Triggers)

 A URI Trigger allows you to prepare a link to trigger during the game. GMs may create 
 Campaign level Triggers in the new 5th tab of Game Tools. GMs and Players may store Triggers
 in the Map Markers. The Options the URI Trigger Mode may be set to
 - Remote Only: only trigger on remote instances
 - Local & Remote: the default
 - Local Only: only trigger the URI locally 
 URIs may also be used with standard web URLs. Triggering these will ask the app's operating
 system to open the link in the default web browser.
 To obtain a Syrinscape URI, run Syrinscape. Then press the + key and (+) buttons will appear.
 Click the + and the URI will be copied to the clipboard. Paste this URI into a Trigger and
 it will ask Syrinscape to play the appropriate mood or element.
 Please note: At this time, Syrinscape integration is Windows only. 
 To learn more about Syrinscape please visit their web site: http://syrinscape.com/	

PDF Handouts

 Handouts that are created from PDF files are now displayed in-app.	

Skill Penalty

 Each Creature may now be assigned a Skill Penalty in the Skills tab. Typically this is used
 to enforce an Armor Check penalty on STR, DEX, and CON Skill checks; however, the Penalty is 
 configurable to target any of the six core attributes.	

Movement Indicator

 When moving a Creature now shows how many movements based off the speed. This makes it easier
 to track single moves, double moves, and how far a Creature can run in a round.

Reconfigure Initiative

 Pressing the Combat Mode toggle no longer immediately leaves Combat Mode. Instead you have a
 choice to reconfigure initiative order by returning to the Set Initiative dialog.  

Image Browser

 The image browser now provide a number of scaling options to view the thumbnails. Previously
 thumbnails were locked at 128x128 pixels.

Log File Access

 The D20PRO.log file is now accessible via the "Show Log File" button under the Advanced section
 of General Options.  

Autosave Recovery

 Every five minutes the Judge's Campaign will be automatically saved in the background. 
 If the Campaign does not shut down gracefully, upon the next launch there will be an prompt to 
 attempt a recovery from the last autosaved file. To disable this feature, uncheck the
 "Enable Autosave" box in Options -> Judge. 


Temp HP

 When a Creature has an Effect granting temp HP, editing the Creature no longer adds the temp HP
 to the actual HP of the creature.

Set Initiative

 Canceling the Set Initiative dialog after modifying a Creature's initiative order now properly
 ignores the changes.