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Updated UIN method to use three categories for sorting: "Player", "Creature", "Object"
Added Regenerate UIN check box to "GM Creature Menu"->"Alter"->"Team" decision (Beta)

Various bug fixes
Feature Library introduced for spells and special abilities
Crude JavaFX UI implemented for panel based feature editing
Top menu UI controls added to Rules engine
Various updates to the Rules reflection libraries to build a stronger base system
Add triggers to Feature Library system supporting a myriad of options
** On Caster
** On Target
** On Enter
** On Exit (Beta)

Initial Feature Library node editor enabled for Spells
Additional triggers added to Feature system
 ** On Cancel
Added nashorn support to text and value nodes in the feature library node editor
Added repeat and multiply node to the effect node tree
Updated DR and ER usage when applying feature effects
Updated damage calculations when applying feature effects
Added status support when applying feature effects
Added initial auto arrange function to feature library node editor view
Added auto script detection for Feature Library javascript functions JS scripts live in /res/scripts and can supply a single self-named 
method which will be accessible in the node view for doing math and other functions.
Script names are also used to generate an auto-complete list for valid fields in a given node. * Updated status support to follow 
duration and cancel based events (Beta)

 Fixed Feature saving throw totals in game log
 Added "Apply on Saved" check box to the Effect node allowing Effects to only be applied if a creature successfully saves 
 Add "Item" casting as a new FreeForm casting type. This is a pre-cursor to allowing items to provide access to spell casting.
 Fixed persistence of "Item" casting and corrected error in "FreeForm" casting which caused the spell decision to vanish when being used. (Beta)

 Fixed Feature Library Sync between player and GM
 Updated 5e behaviors to allow for Rules based multi-domain spell selections
 Fixed bug involving Game Rules selection on Campaign Load
 Enabled in-game override of Game Rules through Options panel

Known Issue

 Current PSA URL causes warnings on application load
 Moving a creature is noisy in the logs (Beta)

 Updated casting types to support 5e centric spell casting styles (initial work)
 Added configurable (in code) button set to Spells tab of Creature Sheets.
 Added Spellbook as an optional button on each spell style tab. Freeform and Item do not need this buttton.
 Added Path option to class table allowing for class variants to be loaded from the classes.txt file.
 Replaced Path solution with Class Variants... partly symantic, but functionally necessary
 Extended the classes.txt format to include Variants= VariantOfClass= and Known= (for # of known spells mechanic)
 Added traits merging fix so player can sync traits to the GM.
 Added Auto-merge of traits and creatures option allowing players to push creatures to the GM without intervention

Known Issues

 Spells mechanic for 5th edition is still in progress. UI and Tools for selecting spells do not work for 5e under this build. (Beta)

 Updated traits table to have feature editor linkage
 Added Action icon and feature injection to the traits table
 Changed traits table description to an info section -- currently still points at pop-over text area
 Added base classes.txt CR setting -- still work to do here. (Beta)

 pools, items/inventory starter (Beta)

 Publish/Subscribe Networking updates
 Additional work on Items, Pools, and Properties
 Added new relaunch closed session behavior for TCP/IP and PubSub networking

v. (Beta)

 Updates to pool/properties editors
 Network fixes to better handle disconnect/reconnect behavior
 Moved new networking to D20PRO "test" space

v. (Internal)

 major infrastructure changes to move from old to new [internal IP specific]

v. (Internal)

 major infrastructure changes to move from old to new [internal IP specific]

v. (Beta)

 Fixed game model import for game versions in the 3.5.x version category
 Fixed game model import for game versions in the 3.6.x version category (up to
 Major overhaul of the Feature data model
 Reworked trigger to remove "local-to-character" Feature storage.
 Reworked Properties to support a template system in addition to arbitrary naming
 Added support for Damage Reveal mode: Player owned + Dead or Dying
 Added Attack Nodes to the Feature/Spell system
 Added Feature RPC to support production Node engine
 Production Node Engine work started
 Integrated JxBrowser technology into D20PRO providing headless Chromium
 Integrated PDF.js into D20PRO to provide improved PDF Reader functionality for handouts
 Updated Merge window methods to use two-panel solution for consistent creature viewing
 Refactored Creature Edit/Character Sheet view to properly support real-time display of changed elements
 [not complete but close]
 Updated trait copy and remove functions
 Refactored default GM Host launcher to auto generate a session name (speed up time to launch)
 Updated Launcher News/PSA window to use JxBrowser
 Introduced new template for on-launch news (html)
 Completed work on equip/unequip of items and traits.
 Added UIN support to Features and Effects in Play to support saved game states
 Separated Effects introduced by Traits and Equipped Items (onEquip) to only show on the Creature Mini View and not in the Active Effects panel -- this will get pushed back to Active Effects after the AE panel is refactored to handle sorted and tabbed lists.

v. (Beta)

 Fixed template targeting
 Fixed template triggers when a template is moved
 Fixed damage calculations for non-multiplied effects
 Decision window tweaks regarding deltas
 Fixed behavior for canceled decisions which have a template -- template is not also removed
 Text and method name changes between features and abilities
 Spell name conversion *to lower case* -- improve matching and access
 Fixed bug involving save for half minimum values -- controlled by rules 
 Fixed parsing for complex value expressions in feature library
 Added template cast-as multi-selector
 Added checkbox option to use higher of cast-as or class levels
 Swing to JFX event passing
 Delta value in decision

v. (Beta)

 Fixed issue with feature stacking for instant effects
 Fixed issue with importing non-5e creatures into a 5e campaign
 Fixed issue with spells stacking incorrectly when cast with instant durations
 Updated stacking logic for all effects and features -- features which contain effects always stack internally, effects from different features will follow rules defined stacking   behaviors
 Added mechanism to use CR for ProfBonus/Base Attack Bonus thru classes.txt/classTemplates
 Fixed issue with ability scores with feature effects doubling the effect whenever edited
 Added stub to Rules for 5th edition style overcasting (use a higher level spell slot for added spell benefits). applicable to meta-magic feats in 3.5/pathfinder/etc.
 Added new Mod Group options to Mod Target node in FBP Editor
 Updated Traits importer and Traits auto population for classes.txt