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v3.6.4 (BETA)


Updated Game Tools menu Look and Feel (LAF)

Reorganized the tab menu

Renamed Easy to Easy FOW and Mold was changed back to Manipulate

Changed default Fog of War mode from Easy FOW to Advanced. note: Easy FOW is compatible with Advanced

Updated Dice rolling algorithm to use a MersenneTwisterRNG and Gaussian system for number generation. The is a significantly improved natural number generator

Added D30's and Advantage/Disadvantage dice to the Core Dice pane. As the rules system is created, access to the Advantage/Disadvantage dice will be options based

Updated default Game Log colors for dice rolls to make them more readable

Updated grammar of dice rolls in the Game Log

Created icons for D30 and Advantage/Disadvantage dice. D30's have various colors, Advantage/Disadvantage dice do not

Added initial classes and handlers for card decks currently there is no user access to this feature

Updated default system maps to include shadow casting examples

Added stub for the 5th Edition (SRD) Campaign type. Currently, this campaign selection only provides an updated preferences file. The next release should include system specific updates

Renamed 5e SRD plug-in to FiveE SRD

Attached the FiveE SRD plug-in to http://5thsrd.org

[WIP] Adding dice results display to the Core Dice Pane.

Updated mode switch order on H key press in Fog of War context

Updated the default behavior of the F6 key press and Fog of War access button to default to Visibility Mode

Fixed 1px hole in right side of UI panels

Updated hidden die roll mechanic to affect Custom Rolls and Core Dice rolls


Corrected a bug which effected lights intersecting with a fog of war region at exactly 45-degree angles (through the middle of the light).

The current work-a-round treats lights which fall into this condition as if they were contained in the region -- for Walls, this means the light is disabled. A simple map based fix is to edit the offending region and move the segment one pixel away from the area where a players light should be able to be cast, such as a thin hallway.


Dice Results area of Core Dice does not display any content
Issues involving using the creature context menu Lights->Clear feature. While the lights are cleared for the current map context, if the creature is moved to another map, they will appear with even more lights attached. Work   around for the time being is to use the Game Tools->Lights tab to remove lights from creatures