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v3.6.5.8 (BETA)

  • internal QA test build

v3.6.5.7 (BETA)

  • feature locked


  • Fixed UI bug regarding wrong icon for show/hide on "Map Markers"
  • Fixed issue with null values for colors causing app to hang
  • fixed open region draw issues

v3.6.5.6 (BETA)

  • Updated and refined Gradient system
  • Replaced inner radius "line" with gradient art overlay
  • Added outer radius gradient to outer radius "line" option
  • Changed default lights for creature-menu options as well as the light panel options
  • Added support for ControlFX JFX control system
  • Replaced awt color picker with jfx color picker via wrapper/handler (javafx)
  • Completed work on the "Open" region draw tools

V3.6.5 (BETA)

  • Updated Rules system such that it is now possible to load arbitrary "Rules" source files internally. Will be

expanded to allow external files in a future update. Disabled for this release.

  • Updated Light Mode view to include "Duplicate" and "Preset" selection on light creation
  • Updated "Open" polygon regions to auto unwind on "Apply". This automates the reverse trace process for "Region"

creation when building "Open" regions. Technically, these objects are not truly "Open" as the unwind process closes the object back at the origin after stepping through the knot order

  • Expanded the "Light" capabilities to include a "Use Gradient" option. When enabled on a given "Light", a "Gradient"

is displayed within the shadow cast polygon shape.


  • Fixed a bug which prevented map export from functioning. This was caused by a failure to properly encode the map

graphic before processing the export.

  • Fixed a bug where lights would shine through Wall objects when the wall intersected the exact center of the light

source. This is more of a hack/fix than a true bug fix. For now, a light is considered occluded if the center node is intersected by a Region edge by an offset which is a function of the token size. The down-side is lights will be disabled for the token if too much of the token is within the offending square.

NOTE: As we unattach tokens from the grid, this may become less of an issue.