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v3.6.6.8 (BETA)

  • Added "Traits" panel in Character Sheet backed by classes.txt file
  • Added stubs for handling auto-creation of attacks (weapons) and tools (in classes.txt file)
  • Improved logic for effect handlers ("Feature Library") to manage temporary stat changes
  • Added coloration to Character Sheet to reflect increase/decrease in stat values
  • Added a Base Ability scores value to the Creature Template allowing for recalculation of abilities before and after effects are applied.


  • Aggregate stat changes to saving throws
  • Add coloration to Saves to indicate "Good Saves" or "Proficient" saves
  • Add Per HD Roll editor
  • Add Base Stat pop-over Editor to character sheet

v3.6.6.7 (BETA)

  • Updated Character Sheet view to allow dynamic configuration between Pathfinder, 3.5 and 5e
  • Updated saving throw handler, proficiency bonus and BAB functions to use Reflection Model
  • Added Inspiration, Death Saves, Hit Dice per Level, Hit Point Roller (total) to Character sheet
  • Updated "Class" table to be "Class/Type"
  • Added "HD" pop-over from "Class/Type" table which allows for override of HD per class/type
  • Added "Level" pop-over to "Class/Type" table which allows for easier delta detection and triggering of "level-up/level-down" events.
  • Added "Traits" tab which shows class features per level (defined in classes.txt) as well as allowing for custom traits -- current UI is temporary


  • Use "Level" pop-over to increase/decrease hit points on demand as well as update "Traits" table
  • Move "Traits" to a table view which allows for level, name and source to be configured for a custom entry

v3.6.6.6 (BETA)

  • Added "HitDie=<dieType>" field to the Class parser.
  • Added "HD" column to the "Class/Type" table of the Character Sheet
  • Added "Roll" support to "HP" using "Rules" based "HP" calculations

v3.6.6.5 (BETA)

  • Added support for "Map Markers" to be painted below fog of war.
  • Updated templates to include a more uniform scale of options for "Burst" types.

v3.6.6.4 (BETA)

  • Add double-click event to "locked" Map Markers. Double clicking on a locked marker enters Marker Mode and opens the Marker Tool Window


  • Fixed bug where "Abilities" which altered "Saves" were showing the "Stat" instead of the "Save" in the "Effect Summary"
  • Fixed bug where typing "Z" in the "Mini-view" chat window caused the "HTML5" character view to appear
  • Fixed bug where "-/-" was being present to "Players" rather than "STR/STR" for default Attack types
  • Fixed bug which prevented "Fast Skills" from being displays in the "Options" panel

v3.6.6.3 (BETA)

  • Updated game model to properly contain "Game System"
  • Updated "Feature Library" to support "Spells" and "Special Abilities"
  • Add support for re-initializing creature context menus for "Players" without restarting the application

v3.6.6.2 (BETA)

  • Added "Rotate" menu to Map Markers allowing for absolute rotation along 45-degree angles
  • Added "Rotation" item to Map Marker Editor allowing for any angle to be specified
  • Added empty "markers" directory to campaign bootstrap resources
  • Began work on adding "Item" spell list types to the creature view and creature model
  • Added "Item" as a casting source when using the "Cast Spell" decision


  • Fixed Saving through bug which prevented "REF" and "WILL" from using the modifier when called by a PC from the Creature Menu

v3.6.6.1 (BETA)

  • Updated Map Markers to support a custom folder for loading new markers. The location is "judge/<campaign>/res/ManuallySpecified/markers"
  • Updated support for Animated GIFs for Map Markers
  • Fixed Map Marker loading to re-index and load new items whenever a Marker is created or edited
  • Added basic rotation support (currently only rotating in 5-degree increments)
  • Added support for "Custom Size" option in the Map Marker editor. Using "Custom Size" disables Game System specific sizing; However, "Custom Size" can have different values for "Width" and "Height"
  • Updated "Lock" behavior for Map Markers. A when not in Map Marker mode, clicking on a "Locked" marker no longer forces a user into Map Marker Mode. Hover text functions as usual.

v3.6.6 (Release)

  • Changed Downloads to Marketplace
  • Update Welcome Message