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v3.6.7.9 (BETA)

  • Fixed null exception on non-combat movement (related to event triggers)
  • Fixed skill mod's for "History" when using the "Skill Decision" window. Total "mod" is not correctly reflected in the "recent skills" section
  • Updated the "Traits" tab of the "Character Sheet" to use a table and pop-over edit style
  • Fixed bug in "Uses" value saving on app reload -- (FYI) currently this is a dumb counter

Known Issues

  • Fixed various bugs in "Traits" tab of "Character Sheet", however, "Uses" is still bugged.

v3.6.7.8 (BETA)

  • Fix for incorrect import of previous version "ability scores"
  • Updated "mini view" to reflect modified "ability scores". prepends an "*"

v3.6.7.2 - (BETA)

  • Behind the scenes prep for Feature Library and Plugable Rules API
  • GenCon (2016) specific updates to allow for limited 5e access (disabled in production)
  • Speed improvements to the Shadowcasting system -- current solution is to turn off alpha blended fog of war regions when not in FoW mode.
  • Updated dice mechanic to move from gaussian to uniform distribution.
  • Removed Game System toggle from release candidate
  • Added "Show Inspiration", "Show Death Saves" options to options panel
  • Updated "Character Sheet" to streamline system switching -- stop gap until we have our HTML sheets system live.
  • Fixed "Ability" and "Save" entries in "Character Sheet" to allow for editing of "Base" and "Mod" values.
  • Updated "Skill", "Attack" and "Ability Check" Handlers to use the right math since "Base" and "Mod" are now tracked independently.
  • Fixed "Mini" view rendering of stats. Modified values are now shown for "Abilities" and "Saves"
  • Notes on new manual overrides for Abilities and Saves (3.5, Pathfinder and 4e) -- The math for each is listed below:
    • Save = Base + Stat Mod + Class Mod + Mods Ability = Base + Mods
    • For Saves, Base is zero by default. Changing this value will cause a permanent increase in the specific Save. Spells, Items, and Tomes are common sources for this kind of enhancement.
    • Saves are otherwise calculated when accessed based on Stats, Classes, and Effects (Misc Mods).
    • For Abilities, Base is the default score. The Modifier adds points to the base score to create the effective score. This new score is then used for all features in the system.
    • Be aware: that a special ability or spell can clear manual updates to Modifiers. As we refine this system further, the manual entries will be tracked independently from the active effects.
    • Be aware: The Beta release does not have the full classes files defined for 3.5, 4e, and Pathfinder. We'll be working on the data entry for these during the Beta period.

Known Issues

  • Several of the creature imports are not working correctly. Specifically, PCGen and Hero Lab. Hero Lab still "mostly" works, while PCGen is non-functional. These are being addressed as fast as we can.

v3.6.7.1 (BETA)

  • More character sheet updates to "Ability Modifiers"
  • Creature generic method to create pop-over text field requestors
  • Applied new pop-over system to "Ability Scores" enable editing of "Base Abilities" and allowing for "Modified Abilities" to be displayed on the sheet afterward

v3.6.7.1 (BETA)

  • Add support for "Ability Modifiers" to effect Ability display on the character sheet
  • Moved resolving saves and final ability scores to Rules API


  • private bug fix release...