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v3.6.9 -> 3.6.10

  • Showing of DEX on the mouse over AC is now fixed.
  • Ability score '-' value can be set using -127 for a value. Also, '-' imports correctly.
  • HeroLab and other importers have been renamed back to d20ProPlugin_<thing>.
  • CR is not a string field and can accept 1/2 or whatever.
  • Traits Description box now sports a scroll bar for vertical scrolling when needed.
  • EasyFOW manipulation auto selects on FOW menu click if EasyFOW is enabled; otherwise shadow casting is used.
  • Added Race/Type and SubType combo box to the Traits panel. This value can take user entry as well.
  • Fixed Bug where sometimes stats would be changed to "all" 10's when an imported character had a stat altered.
  • Added System properties call to the D20 initializer to automatically use openGL and disable Direct2D. The reason for this is to enhance alpha blending for shadow casting and fog of war.
  • Updated Map Markers to allow sync'ing of files between players and GM (rather than GM->Player only). In addition it is now possible to add markers to a ManuallySpecified/markers folder and have these items synchronize during game play. UI for this will launch with the next release; in the meantime, a player cannot sync markers until they re-connect.