Pathfinder OGL: Bestiary 1

Hundreds of Monsters for your Campaign!

(Requires D20PRO v3.7 or later)

(Version 0.9 - Updated 5/22/19; While contextually complete, not all spells and abilities have fully automated FLOW mechanics at this time. These will be updated via product revisions. We will announce revisions as updates happen.)

The D20PRO Pathfinder OGL: Bestiary 1 supplement comes packed with hundreds of monsters, animal companions, and variations ready to use for your Pathfinder campaign. Each monster comes with the complete statistics, special abilities, and lore to make the Gamemaster's next encounter as easy as dragging and dropping onto the battlefield.

The D20PRO Pathfinder OGL: Bestiary 1 supplement includes:

NOTE: The D20PRO Pathfinder OGL: Bestiary 1 is designed to supplement gameplay inside D20PRO. It is not necessary, though highly recommended that users also purchase the Pathfinder OGL: Core Rules for D20PRO. Gamemasters will also need a copy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (available at for the full gaming experience.