(Requires D20PRO v3.7 or later)

(Version 1.2 -- Updated on 9/3/2018)

Get adventuring with the D20PRO-read core rules for the world's most popular roleplaying game! This product includes everything you need to get started and run the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Each class, race, item, spell and more has been adapted to work inside D20PRO. This product provides a complete Rules Library including the following:

D20PRO D&D Core Products

The D&D Core Products leverage the powerful Rules Library system found in D20PRO v3.7+. Each component of the core rules provides additional automation for creature creation, spell effects, weapons and ammunition, feats, and much more.

With one simple selection, auto-populate a creature's racial traits such as natural attacks and unique abilities. Select a class and instantly populate a creature with the level-appropriate class traits and abilities.

All entries in the Rules Library include in-line reference text that can be accessed both on and offline. Minimize the time spent searching through books and spend more time adventuring!

Release Notes for Version 1.2 (9/3/2018)

Release Notes for Version 1.1 (7/13/2018)

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