Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, written by Harold Johnson and Jeff R. Leason, made its debut under the title Lost Tamoachan at the Origins game convention in 1979, where it was used in the official D&D competition. The first published version of the adventure was produced in 1980.

The updated version of the adventure presented herein is designed for a group of four or five 5th-level player characters.


This content contains all the maps, encounters, handouts, creature stats, and tokens you will need - 100% ready to play in D20PRO. By the publisher's design, this D20PRO content is made to supplement the printed book. While all the content is ready to play, if you want to give your players the full experience, the original book is sold separately by Wizards of the Coast.

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