D20PRO - Release Notes

D20PRO Release Notes

This document lists the significant changes for each release.
Please visit D20PRO and D20PRO Guide for the most up to date information.


  • Fix the mouse over for traits to show a formated trait SHORT description
  • In-App Data entry for Classes.txt, Feats.txt and other system files
  • Add deathsaves and inspiration tools to the mini view
  • rework the deathsaves UI to be "cool"
  • Add roll-able Tables to Hand-out system
  • Add highlight square call out
  • Add right click on Fog of War region for actions
  • Add Player controlled lights
  • Template metadata with mouse over text similar to Markers.
  • Update Marker Description and Mouse Over to use rich text editor

=D20PRO Release Notes=

This document lists the significant changes for each release. Please visit http://d20Pro.com and http://d20pro.com/guide/ for the most up to date information.

Known Issues

  • Effects which modify a -127 No Ability stat will simply modify that stat from the -127 value
  • Variant casters is still a work in progress
  • 5e casters are not using 5e rules for casting
  • Repeat/Multiply node doesn't understand "zero" level spells yet -- we'll fix this pretty fast
  • Importers are hit or miss right now. A lot has changed and we need to update them like nobody's business!
  • Traits editor name field has issues when editing text -- the cursor jumps to the end of the entry after each key press
  • AC types are wonky for some reason. Will fix this up in .23
  • Improved Init is not showing the correct bonus on the creature sheet yet.
  • "I trust my players" option on the GM panel does not yet apply to feature decisions (new spells, abilities, etc)
  • When a GM cancels a decision from a player which uses a template, the map is not auto-pushed to the player yet -- GM has to push to player to clear template; or when someone moves.
  • UI for 1 round effects while out of combat is unclear -- need to figure out a nicer way to handle this
  • RESTing for features is only working for traits.

v. (Public Beta)

  • Added new Publisher options to support Features
  • Updated AC display to allow dynamic AC types by Rule set
  • Fixed minimum damage from attacks
  • Introduced Ammunition system which allows for items such as arrows to be "loaded" into a bow
  • Introduced Ray attack style to support upcoming ray spells mechanic
  • Completed work on "basic" overcasting UI
  • Added new Speeds UI which allows for variable speeds based on movement type
  • Fixed Game log spamming issue when processing features
  • Refactored Items and the Item library to use the feature/template container system
  • Updated Last Attack function to support ammo types
  • Attacked Feature processing to attacks via ammunition. This system allows for secondary spell like effects when using attack actions
  • Updated Traits to support evasion, improved evasion, uncanny dodge, and improved initiative correctly -- improved init is not showing the correct bonus on the creature sheet yet.
  • Cleaned up Rules API to link ACTIONS_MAP and ATTACK_QUALITIES in a more sane fashion
  • Added an Item Importer which can convert existing items.dat listings into Feature backed items
  • Updated Feature Chooser so it ignores Templates of the Ammunition type
  • Various updates to the mini view including; double-click traits and items -- GM gets editor, PC gets info box
  • Auto-import any existing feats from a creature to Traits and removed feats tab from creature editor
  • Removed feats table from mini view
  • Massive log clean up -- still lots of debugging logging going on, but cleaned out the backward compatibility deluge on launch

v. (Public Beta)

  • Fixed DR for legacy creatures
  • Fixed ER for legacy creatures
  • Added GM options to control when Effect Trigger Decisions are presented to the GM
  • Added Target Caster to the Effect Node
  • Overhauled the Trigger Decision system to allow for template movement and retargeting of area effects
  • Basic Speed and AC node functions are active -- an Instant effect will CHANGE the value on a creature, while an effect with duration will AUGMENT the value. Difference of setting speed to 30 vs +30 to speed
  • Handled on-equip logic for Speed and AC
  • Fixed Attack Node Critical Multiplier and Cascade selectors so when an Attack feature enabled Item or Trait is equipped, the correct values are represented in the table.
  • Updated the default scroll position for the GameLog to start at the bottom (most recent) rather than the top (oldest)

v. (Public Beta)

  • Added GM Notes and GM Annotation to Creature and Mini views.
  • Added GM Annotation to mouse over text for GM view
  • Added speeds handler which allows for creatures to have different movement types and provide appropriate movement adjectives
  • Added abstract AC handler for switching game systems [wip]
  • Added AC handler to FBP system (nodes) -- the current handler does not support stacking rules
  • Updated the action card and mouse overs for game system dependent AC options
  • Updated the preferences and various rules sections to support various standard AC types
  • Updated the minimum Features# level to include 0 (zero) to handle racial traits without hit dice
  • Added "roll as passive" to the skill roller
  • Added ctrl/command + hot key to the quick skill roller to roll quick skills as passive (allows for group select and roll)

v. (Public Beta)

  • Fixed bug with template moving not targeting the new creatures
  • Fixed various issues with On Stay, On Enter and On Exit events for repeat/multiply effects
  • Added support for Overcasting by level or by charges -- initial work
  • Added feature repair system to allow for upgrading feature data models without breaking legacy features. Currently there are no legacy features to break, so this is pure forward thinking
  • Finally squashed the repeat/multiply/targeting recalculation errors. Rolled results stay rolled unless you are overcasting... then we re roll the batch anyway, for now
  • Fixed an issue where non-persistent mod targets were getting lost during game reload
  • Began work on speed handlers and AC handlers for Features
  • Added target caster check box to effect nodes allowing for auto-targeting of the casting creature
  • various fixes to duration, evaluation and die calculations for features
  • UI change for usage templates to add cleaner sorting and search-able lists
  • Added a log node to the effect options
  • Added additional options to the Rules API (currently only valid for 5e, will migrate to other systems

v. (Beta)

  • Fix for issue with trait renaming after trait creation in Rule library and Creature editor

v. (Beta)

  • corrected rules API skill max_ranks values for various sets
  • fixed multiplication logic and repeat logic for scripted effect nodes
  • updated ER mechanic to support text matching solution
  • updated DR mechanic to support text matching solution
  • began work on importer (herolab, pcgen, ddi) logic rewrites [wip]
  • fixed damage displays for effects on enter and on exit
  • fixed game init bug
  • fixed new game creation bug
  • updated SRD "feats" to use traits library as source for search terms -- changed name to traits
  • updated speed field to support more characters
  • various minor spelling corrections
  • updated feature/trait editors panels to support better scaling
  • fixed max skill ranks by rule set
  • corrected duplication problem with traits/spells editor
  • added enable/disable for selection option to features and spells
  • added new trait button to add trait window on character sheets
  • added new item button to add item window on character sheets
  • updated attack flow node to accept functional to hit and to damage values
  • add by feature level check box to repeat/multiple node to count feature level rather than class levels
  • fixed a sound bug which was preventing damage sounds from playing when a creature was injured
  • fixed bug where spells bypassed ER
  • fixed preference issue preventing rules from appling ADD-ON preferences
  • Updated gamelog for A/D rolls when using attacks (hit/miss/crit)
  • Added custom text only gamelog entry to feature effects. Using an effect triggers this gamelog entry.
  • Changed Health in Features to HP for Modify Target
  • Added autocomplete for scripting to the to-hit and to-damage Attack Node
  • Added custom crit handler to manage critical type "dice" for games which double dice damage -- accessible through the Rules API for now but will eventually be a GM Rules Option.
  • Mac install fix should launch in newer versions of Mac OSX without special tweaks

v. (Beta)

  • various fixes for the feature data model as they relate to new campaign creation

v. (Beta)

  • Updated the GM Host launcher to expose the password typed for a given session. This is to assist in error checking session passwords.
  • Fixed launcher behavior where tabbing between fields would occassionally launch the application
  • Updated trait stacking to enable variant and base class trait assignment
  • Fixed trait panel reset behavior to reset ALL traits with warning pop-up
  • Updated historical creature check to use template version number
  • Fixed bug where sometimes stats could not be altered after the first commit
  • Introduced and fixed bug related to trait/item synchronization
  • Fixed issue with Skill grouping logic which was preventing "Saves" from loading for the 5e work-around
  • Fixed issue in 5e Rules which was not honoring -127 No Ability settings
  • Traits handling via Rules Library is not live with a full Feats.txt importer and archiver

v. (Beta)

  • Fixed issue with feature stacking for instant effects
  • Fixed issue with importing non-5e creatures into a 5e campaign
  • Fixed issue with spells stacking incorrectly when cast with instant durations
  • Updated stacking logic for all effects and features -- features which contain effects always stack internally, effects from different features will follow rules defined stacking behaviors
  • Added mechanism to use CR for ProfBonus/Base Attack Bonus thru classes.txt/classTemplates
  • Fixed issue with ability scores with feature effects doubling the effect whenever edited
  • Added stub to Rules for 5th edition style overcasting (use a higher level spell slot for added spell benefits). applicable to meta-magic feats in 3.5/pathfinder/etc.
  • Added new Mod Group options to Mod Target node in FBP Editor
  • Updated Traits importer and Traits auto population for classes.txt [wip]

v. (Beta)

  • Fixed template targeting
  • Fixed template triggers when a template is moved
  • Fixed damage calculations for non-multiplied effects
  • Decision window tweaks regarding deltas
  • Fixed behavior for canceled decisions which have a template -- template is not also removed
  • Text and method name changes between features and abilities
  • Spell name conversion to lower case -- improve matching and access
  • Fixed bug involving save for half minimum values -- controlled by rules
  • Fixed parsing for complex value expressions in feature library
  • Added template cast-as multi-selector
  • Added checkbox option to use higher of cast-as or class levels
  • Swing to JFX event passing
  • Delta value in decision

v. (Beta)

  • Fixed game model import for game versions in the 3.5.x version category
  • Fixed game model import for game versions in the 3.6.x version category (up to
  • Major overhaul of the Feature data model
  • Reworked trigger to remove "local-to-character" Feature storage.
  • Reworked Properties to support a template system in addition to arbitrary naming
  • Added support for Damage Reveal mode: Player owned + Dead or Dying
  • Added Attack Nodes to the Feature/Spell system
  • Added Feature RPC to support production Node engine
  • Production Node Engine work started
  • Integrated JxBrowser technology into D20PRO providing headless Chromium
  • Integrated PDF.js into D20PRO to provide improved PDF Reader functionality for handouts
  • Updated Merge window methods to use two-panel solution for consistent creature viewing
  • Refactored Creature Edit/Character Sheet view to properly support real-time display of changed elements [not complete but close]
  • Updated trait copy and remove functions
  • Refactored default GM Host launcher to auto generate a session name (speed up time to launch)
  • Updated Launcher News/PSA window to use JxBrowser
  • Introduced new template for on-launch news (html)
  • Completed work on equip/unequip of items and traits.
  • Added UIN support to Features and Effects in Play to support saved game states
  • Separated Effects introduced by Traits and Equipped Items (onEquip) to only show on the Creature Mini View and not in the Active Effects panel -- this will get pushed back to Active Effects after the AE panel is refactored to handle sorted and tabbed lists.

v. (Internal)

  • major infrastructure changes to move from old to new [internal IP specific]

v. (Internal)

  • major infrastructure changes to move from old to new [internal IP specific]

v. (BETA)

  • Updates to pool/properties editors
  • Network fixes to better handle disconnect/reconnect behavior
  • Moved new networking to D20PRO "test" space

v. (BETA)

  • Publish/Subscribe Networking updates
  • Additional work on Items, Pools, and Properties
  • Added new relaunch closed session behavior for TCP/IP and PubSub networking

v. (BETA)

  • pools, items/inventory starter

v. (BETA)

  • Updated traits table to have feature editor linkage
  • Added Action icon and feature injection to the traits table
  • Changed traits table description to an info section -- currently still points at pop-over text area
  • Added base classes.txt CR setting -- still work to do here.

v. (BETA)

  • Updated casting types to support 5e centric spell casting styles (initial work)
  • Added configurable (in code) button set to Spells tab of Creature Sheets.
  • Added Spellbook as an optional button on each spell style tab. Freeform and Item do not need this buttton.
  • Added Path option to class table allowing for class variants to be loaded from the classes.txt file.
  • Replaced Path solution with Class Variants... partly symantic, but functionally necessary
  • Extended the classes.txt format to include Variants= VariantOfClass= and Known= (for # of known spells mechanic)
  • Added traits merging fix so player can sync traits to the GM.
  • Added Auto-merge of traits and creatures option allowing players to push creatures to the GM without intervention

Known Issues

  • Spells mechanic for 5th edition is still in progress. UI and Tools for selecting spells do not work for 5e under this build.

v. (BETA)

  • Fixed Feature Library Sync between player and GM
  • Updated 5e behaviors to allow for Rules based multi-domain spell selections
  • Fixed bug involving Game Rules selection on Campaign Load
  • Enabled in-game override of Game Rules through Options panel

v. (BETA)

  • Fixed Feature saving throw totals in game log
  • Added "Apply on Saved" check box to the Effect node allowing Effects to only be applied if a creature successfully saves
  • Add "Item" casting as a new FreeForm casting type. This is a pre-cursor to allowing items to provide access to spell casting.
  • Fixed persistence of "Item" casting and corrected error in "FreeForm" casting which caused the spell decision to vanish when being used.

v3.6.11.2 (BETA)

  • Initial Feature Library node editor enabled for Spells
  • Additional triggers added to Feature system
  • ** On Cancel

  • Added nashorn support to text and value nodes in the feature library node editor

  • Added repeat and multiply node to the effect node tree
  • Updated DR and ER usage when applying feature effects
  • Updated damage calculations when applying feature effects
  • Added status support when applying feature effects
  • Added initial auto arrange function to feature library node editor view
  • Added auto script detection for Feature Library javascript functions JS scripts live in /res/scripts and can supply a single self-named method which will be accessible in the node view for doing math and other functions.

Script names are also used to generate an auto-complete list for valid fields in a given node. * Updated status support to follow duration and cancel based events

v3.6.11.1 (BETA)

  • Various bug fixes
  • Feature Library introduced for spells and special abilities
  • Crude JavaFX UI implemented for panel based feature editing
  • Top menu UI controls added to Rules engine
  • Various updates to the Rules reflection libraries to build a stronger base system
  • Add triggers to Feature Library system supporting a myriad of options
  • ** On Caster
  • ** On Target
  • ** On Enter
  • ** On Exit

v3.6.11 (hotfix)

  • Updated UIN method to use three categories for sorting: "Player", "Creature", "Object"
  • Added Regenerate UIN check box to "GM Creature Menu"->"Alter"->"Team" decision

v3.6.9 -> 3.6.10

  • Showing of DEX on the mouse over AC is now fixed.
  • Ability score '-' value can be set using -127 for a value. Also, '-' imports correctly.
  • HeroLab and other importers have been renamed back to d20ProPlugin_.
  • CR is not a string field and can accept 1/2 or whatever.
  • Traits Description box now sports a scroll bar for vertical scrolling when needed.
  • EasyFOW manipulation auto selects on FOW menu click if EasyFOW is enabled; otherwise shadow casting is used.
  • Added Race/Type and SubType combo box to the Traits panel. This value can take user entry as well.
  • Fixed Bug where sometimes stats would be changed to "all" 10's when an imported character had a stat altered.
  • Added System properties call to the D20 initializer to automatically use openGL and disable Direct2D. The reason for this is to enhance alpha blending for shadow casting and fog of war.
  • Updated Map Markers to allow sync'ing of files between players and GM (rather than GM->Player only). In addition it is now possible to add markers to a ManuallySpecified/markers folder and have these items synchronize during game play. UI for this will launch with the next release; in the meantime, a player cannot sync markers until they re-connect.


  • Fixed issue with "-" abilities scores and save values for creatures on import
  • Corrected ability change issues related to reduction to "0". Ability score ranges are now -126 thru 126; -127 results in a "-" value.
  • Fixed armor class dex modifier bug

Known Issues


  • Updated "Herolab" and "PCGen" importers. "PCGen" is still spotty, mileage may vary
  • Updated JRE to 8 101

v3.6.7.9 (BETA)

  • Fixed null exception on non-combat movement (related to event triggers)
  • Fixed skill mod's for "History" when using the "Skill Decision" window. Total "mod" is not correctly reflected in the "recent skills" section
  • Updated the "Traits" tab of the "Character Sheet" to use a table and pop-over edit style
  • Fixed bug in "Uses" value saving on app reload -- (FYI) currently this is a dumb counter

Known Issues * Fixed various bugs in "Traits" tab of "Character Sheet", however, "Uses" is still bugged.

v3.6.7.8 (BETA)

  • Fix for incorrect import of previous version "ability scores"
  • Updated "mini view" to reflect modified "ability scores". prepends an "*"

v3.6.7.2 - (BETA)

  • Behind the scenes prep for Feature Library and Plugable Rules API
  • GenCon (2016) specific updates to allow for limited 5e access (disabled in production)
  • Speed improvements to the Shadowcasting system -- current solution is to turn off alpha blended fog of war regions when not in FoW mode.
  • Updated dice mechanic to move from gaussian to uniform distribution.
  • Removed Game System toggle from release candidate
  • Added "Show Inspiration", "Show Death Saves" options to options panel
  • Updated "Character Sheet" to streamline system switching -- stop gap until we have our HTML sheets system live.
  • Fixed "Ability" and "Save" entries in "Character Sheet" to allow for editing of "Base" and "Mod" values.
  • Updated "Skill", "Attack" and "Ability Check" Handlers to use the right math since "Base" and "Mod" are now tracked independently.
  • Fixed "Mini" view rendering of stats. Modified values are now shown for "Abilities" and "Saves"

  • Notes on new manual overrides for Abilities and Saves (3.5, Pathfinder and 4e) -- The math for each is listed below:

Save = Base + Stat Mod + Class Mod + Mods Ability = Base + Mods

For Saves, Base is zero by default. Changing this value will cause a permanent increase in the specific Save. Spells, Items, and Tomes are common sources for this kind of enhancement.

Saves are otherwise calculated when accessed based on Stats, Classes, and Effects (Misc Mods).

For Abilities, Base is the default score. The Modifier adds points to the base score to create the effective score. This new score is then used for all features in the system.

Be aware that a special ability or spell can clear manual updates to Modifiers. As we refine this system further, the manual entries will be tracked independently from the active effects.

Be aware The Beta release does not have the full classes files defined for 3.5, 4e, and Pathfinder. We'll be working on the data entry for these during the Beta period.

Known Issues

  • Several of the creature imports are not working correctly. Specifically, PCGen and Hero Lab. Hero Lab still "mostly" works, while PCGen is non-functional. These are being addressed as fast as we can.

v3.6.7.1 (BETA)

  • More character sheet updates to "Ability Modifiers"
  • Creature generic method to create pop-over text field requestors
  • Applied new pop-over system to "Ability Scores" enable editing of "Base Abilities" and allowing for "Modified Abilities" to be displayed on the sheet afterward

v3.6.7.1 (BETA)

  • Add support for "Ability Modifiers" to effect Ability display on the character sheet
  • Moved resolving saves and final ability scores to Rules API


  • private bug fix release...

v3.6.6.8 (BETA)

  • Added "Traits" panel in Character Sheet backed by classes.txt file
  • Added stubs for handling auto-creation of attacks (weapons) and tools (in classes.txt file)
  • Improved logic for effect handlers ("Feature Library") to manage temporary stat changes
  • Added coloration to Character Sheet to reflect increase/decrease in stat values
  • Added a Base Ability scores value to the Creature Template allowing for recalculation of abilities before and after effects are applied.

TODO: Aggregate stat changes to saving throws Add coloration to Saves to indicate "Good Saves" or "Proficient" saves Add Per HD Roll editor Add Base Stat pop-over Editor to character sheet

v3.6.6.7 (BETA)

  • Updated Character Sheet view to allow dynamic configuration between Pathfinder, 3.5 and 5e
  • Updated saving throw handler, proficiency bonus and BAB functions to use Reflection Model
  • Added Inspiration, Death Saves, Hit Dice per Level, Hit Point Roller (total) to Character Sheet
  • Updated "Class" table to be "Class/Type"
  • Added "HD" pop-over from "Class/Type" table which allows for override of HD per class/type
  • Added "Level" pop-over to "Class/Type" table which allows for easier delta detection and triggering of "level-up/level-down" events.
  • Added "Traits" tab which shows class features per level (defined in classes.txt) as well as allowing for custom traits -- current UI is temporary

TODO: Use "Level" pop-over to increase/decrease hit points on demand as well as update "Traits" table Move "Traits" to a table view which allows for level, name and source to be configured for a custom entry

v3.6.6.6 (BETA)

  • Added "HitDie=" field to the Class parser.
  • Added "HD" column to the "Class/Type" table of the Character Sheet
  • Added "Roll" support to "HP" using "Rules" based "HP" calculations

v3.6.6.5 (BETA)

  • Added support for "Map Markers" to be painted below fog of war.
  • Updated templates to include a more uniform scale of options for "Burst" types.

v3.6.6.4 (BETA)

  • Add double-click event to "locked" Map Markers. Double clicking on a locked marker enters Marker Mode and opens the Marker Tool Window

v. (BETA)

  • Fixed bug where "Abilities" which altered "Saves" were showing the "Stat" instead of the "Save" in the "Effect Summary"
  • Fixed bug where typing "Z" in the "Mini-view" chat window caused the "HTML5" character view to appear
  • Fixed bug where "-/-" was being present to "Players" rather than "STR/STR" for default Attack types
  • Fixed bug which prevented "Fast Skills" from being displays in the "Options" panel

v3.6.6.3 (BETA)

  • Updated game model to properly contain "Game System"
  • Updated "Feature Library" to support "Spells" and "Special Abilities"
  • Add support for re-initializing creature context menus for "Players" without restarting the application

v3.6.6.2 (BETA)

  • Added "Rotate" menu to Map Markers allowing for absolute rotation along 45-degree angles
  • Added "Rotation" item to Map Marker Editor allowing for any angle to be specified
  • Added empty "markers" directory to campaign bootstrap resources
  • Began work on adding "Item" spell list types to the creature view and creature model
  • Added "Item" as a casting source when using the "Cast Spell" decision
  • Fixed Saving through bug which prevented "REF" and "WILL" from using the modifier when called by a PC from the Creature Menu

v3.6.6.1 (BETA)

  • Updated Map Markers to support a custom folder for loading new markers. The location is "judge//res/ManuallySpecified/markers"
  • Updated support for Animated GIFs for Map Markers
  • Fixed Map Marker loading to re-index and load new items whenever a Marker is created or edited
  • Added basic rotation support (currently only rotating in 5-degree increments)
  • Added support for "Custom Size" option in the Map Marker editor. Using "Custom Size" disables Game System specific sizing; However, "Custom Size" can have different values for "Width" and "Height"
  • Updated "Lock" behavior for Map Markers. A when not in Map Marker mode, clicking on a "Locked" marker no longer forces a user into Map Marker Mode. Hover text functions as usual.

v3.6.6 (Release)

  • Changed Downloads to Marketplace

  • Update Welcome Message

  • Added an option to auto-launch the Library Window on application start (GM only)

v3.6.5.8 (BETA)

  • internal QA test build (BETA)

  • feature locked

BUG FIXES v3.6.5.7 (BETA)

  • Fixed UI bug regarding wrong icon for show/hide on "Map Markers"

  • Fixed issue with null values for colors causing app to hang

  • fixed open region draw issues

v3.6.5.6 (BETA)

  • Updated and refined Gradient system

  • Replaced inner radius "line" with gradient art overlay

  • Added outer radius gradient to outer radius "line" option

  • Changed default lights for creature-menu options as well as the light panel options

  • Added support for ControlFX JFX control system

  • Replaced awt color picker with jfx color picker via wrapper/handler (javafx)

  • Completed work on the "Open" region draw tools

V3.6.5 (BETA)

  • Updated Rules system such that it is now possible to load arbitrary "Rules" source files internally. Will be expanded to allow external files in a future update. Disabled for this release.

  • Updated Light Mode view to include "Duplicate" and "Preset" selection on light creation

  • Updated "Open" polygon regions to auto unwind on "Apply". This automates the reverse trace process for "Region" creation when building "Open" regions. Technically, these objects are not truly "Open" as the unwind process closes the object back at the origin after stepping through the knot order

  • Expanded the "Light" capabilities to include a "Use Gradient" option. When enabled on a given "Light", a "Gradient" is displayed within the shadow cast polygon shape.


  • Fixed a bug which prevented map export from functioning. This was caused by a failure to properly encode the map graphic before processing the export.

  • Fixed a bug where lights would shine through Wall objects when the wall intersected the exact center of the light source. This is more of a hack/fix than a true bug fix. For now, a light is considered occluded if the center node is intersected by a Region edge by an offset which is a function of the token size. The down-side is lights will be disabled for the token if too much of the token is within the offending square.

NOTE: As we unattach tokens from the grid, this may become less of an issue.

v3.6.4 (BETA)


  • Updated Game Tools menu Look and Feel (LAF)

  • Reorganized the tab menu

  • Renamed Easy to Easy FOW and Mold was changed back to Manipulate

  • Changed default Fog of War mode from Easy FOW to Advanced. note: Easy FOW is compatible with Advanced

  • Updated Dice rollling algorithm to use a MersenneTwisterRNG and Gaussian system for number generation. The is a significantly improved natural number generator

  • Added D30's and Advantage/Disadvantage dice to the Core Dice pane. As the rules system is created, access to the Advantage/Disadvantage dice will be options based

  • Updated default Game Log colors for dice rolls to make them more readable

  • Updated grammar of dice rolls in the Game Log

  • Created icons for D30 and Advantage/Disadvantage dice. D30's have various colors, Advantage/Disadvantage dice do not

  • Added initial classes and handlers for card decks currently there is no user access to this feature

  • Updated default system maps to include shadow casting examples

  • Added stub for the 5th Edition (SRD) Campaign type. Currently, this campaign selection only provides an updated preferences file. The next release should include system specific updates

  • Renamed 5e SRD plug-in to FiveE SRD

  • Attached the FiveE SRD plug-in to http://5thsrd.org

  • [WIP] Adding dice results display to the Core Dice Pane.

  • Updated mode switch order on H key press in Fog of War context

  • Updated the default behavior of the F6 key press and Fog of War access button to default to Visibility Mode

  • Fixed 1px hole in right side of UI panels

  • Updated hidden die roll mechanic to affect Custom Rolls and Core Dice rolls


  • Corrected a bug which effected lights intersecting with a fog of war region at exactly 45-degree angles (through the middle of the light).

    The current work-a-round treats lights which fall into this condition as if they were contained in the region -- for Walls, this means the light is disabled. A simple map based fix is to edit the offending region and move the segment one pixel away from the area where a players light should be able to be cast, such as a thin hallway.


  • Dice Results area of Core Dice does not display any content
  • Issues involving using the creature context menu Lights->Clear feature. While the lights are cleared for the current map context, if the creature is moved to another map, they will appear with even more lights attached. Work around for the time being is to use the Game Tools->Lights tab to remove lights from creatures

v3.6.3 (BETA)

  • Expanded Language Support (Part 2) Fixed language support to properly sort between older non UTF-8 formats and updated UTF-8 formats. Added ability to set a User Font and Game Log Font separately. Both the can be accessed from Options -> General then click Set User Font or Set Game Log Font

  • Game Tools Panel Changes Renamed Manipulate to Mold Added Lights to the Advanced Fog of War Mode Added Door (H) and Door (V) to the Paint Shapes Updated Show/Hide icon to color match the colors used on the map. Updated the Show/Hide icon graphic to use an eye for Show and an eye with a strike through for Hide

  • Shadow Casting Object Types Added a large volume of updated to the Game Tools -> Fog of War panel to allow for creation of various Types of regions - Masks, Edges, Walls, and Doors.

    • Masks - A region that allows cast light to be displayed when the region is marked Show.

    • Walls - A region that disables lights when marked Hide yes still does not reveal when marked Show.

    • Edges - A region that blocks light from entering or exiting it's bounds. When locked, Edges ignore mouse click or mouse drag visibility toggle requests.

    • Doors - A special region type which blocks additional regions below it during visibility toggle requests.

      In addition to adding the new types, the list of Regions has been updated to include additional functionality. The functions and columns available on the Region List are as follows:

    • Show/Hide - Toggle Show or Hide state for the specific Region

    • Name - The name of the specific Region. Double-click to edit the name

    • Group - The group of the specific Region. Double-click to edit the group

    • Type - A drop down selector which allows for a specific region to have it's Type altered

    • I/P - Toggle Interactive or Passive for a given Region. Interactive Regions require Lights to reveal contents. Passive Regions are all or nothing when toggling Show/Hide.

    • Lock/Unlock - Toggle edit/translation locking. While a Region is locked, its shape and location cannot be changed (Edit Mode and Drag)

    • Center-To - A button which centers the map to the specified Region. Helpful for Identifying Regions

    The layout of the Mold mode buttons has been altered such that Toggles are seperated by a | character. Service buttons have been added to allow for multi-select changes to be made to Regions. Specifically, the four Type buttons - Wall Mask Edge Door - and the Interactive Passive toggle. Clicking on one of the Type buttons will allow for rapid change of selected Regions to the clicked Type. Clicking on Interactive or Passive will change all of the selected regions to that state.

    The layout of the Draw mode buttons has also changed. Additional buttons have been added to account for the need to draw using the new Types. Selecting a Type will toggle the selected Type as your draw mode. Additionally, you'll find an Interactive/Passive toggle as well as a Closed/Open toggle. The Interactive/Passive toggle operates similar to the Typeselection; Regions drawn will have the select I/P property when created.

    The Closed/Open toggle is slightly different and should be considered experimental and is predominately for use with the Edge Region Type. With Open selected. The restriction of >3 knots is removed from Region creation. Open behaviors for Regions are as follows:

    • Wall - Light will be able to shine through an unclosed face, yet content under the light will not be revealed

    • Mask - no appreciable behavior change

    • Edge - Light will be able to shine through an unclosed face, the shape of the edge will create shadowed areas which block the map accordingly. Additionally, Edges can be used in Open mode to create straight lines. Currently there is a Known Issue in this mode which prevents click-selection of these Edges on the map. To edit a Edge-line it must be selected from the Region List directly.

    • Door - Light will be able to shine through an unclosed face AND reveal map content below it. Creatures who are occluded by the Door shape are revealed (when set to Dynamic Visibility). Like Walls when a light moves within the bounds of the Door the light is disabled.

      The core use case for Open Regions is when using Edges to add segments to a map such as the wall section between windows.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts (all platforms) As the start of a normalization between the various keyboard shortcuts, we updated the Delete and Backspace key behavior in Draw Mode. While drawing knots, pressing either Delete or Backspace will delete the last knot in the chain. Once an Region is applied (Open or Closed) the selected Region can be deleted using either the Delete or Backspace key.

    In Mold Mode, selected Regions can be removed using either the Backspace or Delete key as well.

  • Lights Panel and Objects Added a new panel to support Lights. This panel is available only while in Advanced Fog of War mode. To access lights, Open Game Tools -> Fog of War -> Easy (tab) and ensure that Advanced Fog of War is enabled. While enabled, you should see a Lights tab. Selecting this tab and clicking on Create will add a light to the current map.

    While in Fog of War -> Light mode (click on the tab Light if not currently in the context) you can drag lights around a map by using the white drag handle. A Hidden light is shown with a black drag handle.

    Lights can be tethered to creatures or items. To tether a light, you can either do so during creation or by entering the Edit Light panel. To Edit a Light, double click on the target light in the Light tab. You should then be presented with a Edit Light screen.

    Lights are composed of the following properties:

    • Name - A text name to help identify the light
    • Radius - The radius of the light in Grid Units (typically 1 = 5**); Radius can be a decimal number, for example a radius of .5 will result in a light that only fills 1 grid unit; A light radius of 6.9 would end just shy of the 7th Grid Unit from origin.
    • Enabled - Toggles the Show/Hide state of the current light
    • Public - Toggles if the light is Shown to other Players. Public can be used to model vision such as Dark vision where only the Owner can see the light
    • Fill - Sets a fill color and opacity for the current light. Keeping your opacity low (below 20%) will result in a cleaner visual experience
    • Ring - Sets a color for an outline around the current light. Again, keeping your opacity low helps create a better visual experience.
    • Owner - The Creature or Item which owns the light. Pairing Owner with Public can have some very interesting effects. Attaching an owned light to another token can be used to model effects like Scrying
    • Tether - Denotes the Creature or Item that a light is attached too. A light that is not Tethered to a Creature or Item can only be moved by the Judge and only while in the Fog of War -> Light context. If an unowned light is Tethered, the owner will become the Tether target.

      The Light Panel under Game Tools -> Fog of War -> Lights also has quick access icons. The list of * Lights is broken down as follows:

    • Show/Hide - Toggle the selected Light visible or hidden

    • Name - Shows the name of the Light
    • Tether - Show the Tether of the specific light [Windows/Linux only]
    • Owner - Show the Owner of the specific light [Windows/Linux only]
    • Public - Toggle to set the Public state of the speciifc light
    • Center-To - Click to center the map to the selected light and show a focus animation
  • Mini-View Portrait Update The Mini-view portrait is now scalable by dragging the gray bar below it up or down. Additionally, the portrait can be hidden bu clicking on the arrow-up/arrow-down toggle on the gray bar. This new system also allows for a wide view of the mini which has the portrait on the left and the creature details on the right.

  • Mini-View Talk Bar added Added a talk bar to the mini-view which allows for rapid, in-character access to Say, Do, emote*, whisper, YELL** functions. The bar is only visible for Creatures owned. Switching between Creatures via tabs switches the talking Creature at the same time.

Pressing enter to submit the dialog also then results in auto selecting the existing typed text allowing for the text to be cleared on the next type or repeated by pressing enter again.

  • UI Skin update In addition to the new Show/Hide icons, we've also started the process of re-skinning the application.


===Features=== * Expanded Language Support Select your own TrueType User Font to use for the Game Log and character sheet. In Options -> General click Set User Font... and browse to the desired font. The rules files now support UTF-8 Encoding for languages specific Classes, Skills, Spells, and Feats. Please make sure to save in UTF-8 without BOM.


===Features=== * Expanded Chat Language Support The Game Log now supports a wide variety of additional characters. Please try your favorite language!

  • Retro Marketplace In rare cases where the new Marketplace experience is not desired, in Judge->Options you may select Enable the Retro Marketplace to use the original Marketplace GUI.

===Fixes=== * Mac Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac, using the Command key should now properly work for Copy (C), Paste (V), Cut (X), and Select All (A).


===Fixes=== * Locale Startup Issue D20PRO now overrides the locale to prevent a startup issue initializing the look and feel.


===Features=== * Player Editable Character Sheets Players may now edit Creatures they control while logged into the game. When the Player applies these changes they are sent to the GM for line by line review. The GM may decide to keep all, some, or none of the proposed changes. The Player can modify all aspects of the Creature except for choosing a different image (includes Item images).

  • SRD Add-on System Reference Documents are now available in-app! There are two Add-ons provided out of the box and more may be added by dropping them in the judge/addon/srd folder. GMs can opt in to using an SRD Add-on when creating a Campaign or managing an existing Campaign. Players can opt in under their advanced options when joining a game. To activate the SRD during the game, look for SRD in the Main Menu.

  • Syrinscape integration (URI Triggers) A URI Trigger allows you to prepare a link to trigger during the game. GMs may create Campaign level Triggers in the new 5th tab of Game Tools. GMs and Players may store Triggers in the Map Markers. The Options the URI Trigger Mode may be set to

    • Remote Only: only trigger on remote instances
    • Local & Remote: the default
    • Local Only: only trigger the URI locally

    URIs may also be used with standard web URLs. Triggering these will ask the app's operating system to open the link in the default web browser.

    To obtain a Syrinscape URI, run Syrinscape. Then press the + key and (+) buttons will appear. Click the + and the URI will be copied to the clipboard. Paste this URI into a Trigger and it will ask Syrinscape to play the appropriate mood or element.

    Please note: At this time, Syrinscape integration is Windows only. To learn more about Syrinscape please visit their web site: http://syrinscape.com/

  • PDF Handouts Handouts that are created from PDF files are now displayed in-app.

  • Skill Penalty Each Creature may now be assigned a Skill Penalty in the Skills tab. Typically this is used to enforce an Armor Check penalty on STR, DEX, and CON Skill checks; however, the Penalty is configurable to target any of the six core attributes.

  • Movement Indicator When moving a Creature now shows how many movements based off the speed. This makes it easier to track single moves, double moves, and how far a Creature can run in a round.

  • Reconfigure Initiative Pressing the Combat Mode toggle no longer immediately leaves Combat Mode. Instead you have a choice to reconfigure initiative order by returning to the Set Initiative dialog.

  • Image Browser The image browser now provide a number of scaling options to view the thumbnails. Previously thumbnails were locked at 128x128 pixels.

  • Log File Access The D20PRO.log file is now accessible via the Show Log File button under the Advanced section of General Options.

  • Autosave Recovery Every five minutes the Judge's Campaign will be automatically saved in the background. If the Campaign does not shut down gracefully, upon the next launch there will be an prompt to attempt a recovery from the last autosaved file. To disable this feature, uncheck the Enable Autosave box in Options -> Judge.

===Fixes=== * Temp HP When a Creature has an Effect granting temp HP, editing the Creature no longer adds the temp HP to the actual HP of the creature.

  • Set Initiative Canceling the Set Initiative dialog after modifying a Creature's initiative order now properly ignores the changes.


===Features=== * Campaign Folder Override By default all Campaigns are stored in the d20Pro/judge/campaigns folder where d20Pro is installed. This location may be overridden by creating the file d20Pro/judge/campaign.override. This file should contain a single line that sets path where the Campaigns folder will be created, for example C:\stuff will cause the Campaigns folder to be created in C:\stuff\campaigns.

===Fixes=== Deleting a duplicate Feat now works correctly. Casting a Spell from the View Game Creature window now works correctly.


===Features=== * Manage Images includes the ability to rename files or folders.

===Fixes=== * Image Browser Update The various image browsers are now automatically updated when Maps, Creatures, or Items are imported.


===Features=== Manage Images The Map, Creature, and Item images may now be reorganized. Press the Images button at the bottom of the Map, Creature, or Item Library and select Manage Images.... This opens a wizard where you may drag images and folders to different locations, including new folders. Game Creature dialogs now remember their previous position. * Improved Drag & Drop Support
Creature files (.d20_ctr) and Handouts (.d20_handout) may now be dragged to the their respective Libraries to import them. Dropping Maps was already supported.

===Fixes=== Response time greatly improved for broadcasting Maps to the Players. Aggressively scan the resource system when Maps are imported. * Now fully handles if importing a Map runs out out of memory.


===Features=== New Interactive Creature Character Sheet The new character sheet, accessed by double-clicking on a Creature, is now interactive and will respond to clicks to rolls skills, saving throws, and ability checks. Will also trigger attacks and special abilities. Hitpoints are also modifiable from this screen - including the ability for the Player to update the hitpoints of a Creature they control. Improved Window Memory Judge and Player windows now remember their position on multiple monitors. Maximized windows are also handled properly. Delete Creature Dialog Deleting Creatures from the game now shows an improved confirmation dialog with pictures of the Creatures to be deleted for extra clarity. Edit Creature Refinement Attempting to commit the Edit Creature dialog will now warn if a Special Ability was still being edited. Previously the Edit Creature dialog would allow you to commit without confirming changes to a Special Ability currently being edited.

===Fixes=== Encumbrance display now handles fractions correctly. Improved threading so Judge won't temporarily freeze right when a Player connects.


===Features=== Creature Merge Wizard An existing Creature in-game may now be merged with an incoming Creature chosen from the Creature Library. This wizard is activated by Alter -> Merge from the Creature context menu. New Creature Character Sheet The default character sheet shown when double-clicking on an in-game Creature has been replaced with a new, comprehensive interface. To activate the new character sheet for legacy Campaigns, click the Show Campaign Folder button in Options -> Judge and delete the ~/res/ManuallySpecified/stats.zip file and restart d20Pro. Overwrite Library Creature When using the Location -> Save Creature menu option for a Creature, you will receive an overwrite prompt if there is already a Creature in the Library with the same name and module. Creature Import will also prompt for overwrite. View Game Log History View a complete history of the game log by clicking the new icon button at the top of Options -> Judge next to the Campaign's name. This is a convenience method to deal with the long standing Game.html file residing in the campaign's game folder. * Display IP Address in Title Both the Player and Judge apps display the game's IP address and port in the title bar.

===Fixes=== * Saving mechanism on exit is now more robust.


===Features=== Bulk Image Import Wizard A brand new interface that allows the Judge to quickly and easily add image files and/or entire directories of images to use as Map Tiles, Creature Tokens, or Item Tokens. Click the Images button at the bottom of the corresponding library to launch this new interface. Drag & Drop Support Image files may now be dragged from the OS and dropped in a number of places: - Create Map Wizard - Edit Creature Dialog - Import CTR Image - Import ITEM Image - Text Field File Choosers Map files (.d20_map) may now be dragged to the Map Library to import them. Faster Judge Startup The resource system no longer scans for changes at startup, which should speed up launch times. GMs with large campaigns should notice a dramatic improvement. As a caveat, if any images are copied into the res/FLR, res/CTR, or res/ITEM folders these will not be detected at launch the way they used to be. Instead the GM should go to Options -> Judge and click Refresh Resources to initiate the scan.
Revamped Browser Launcher Now uses the Java Desktop to launch the browser. * Product Publishing Vastly improved final form of the product publishing interface.

===Fixes=== * JPEG Performance JPEG images encoded by d20Pro pre-v3.4.1 would render sluggishly in v3.4.1+. These files are now repaired automatically and performance should return to normal.


===Features=== Bulk Image Import The Map, Creature, and Item Libraries now feature a Copy Images Wizard where you target a folder of images for bulk copy into the corresponding resource folder (FLR, CTR, ITEM). Click on the Images button at the bottom of the corresponding Library to launch the wizard. Bulk Creature Replace Significantly improved the ability to replace multiple Creatures on a Map at once. To utilize this feature, select all Creatures to be overwritten and then activate the right-click menu and choose Alter -> Bulk Replace...
Show Campaign Folder A new Folder button in the top right of Options -> Judge will ask the operating system to show the folder containing the active Campaign.
Product Publishing A number of improvements to make publishing products more intuitive.

===Fixes=== * Product Publishing FTPing of product images now properly uses Binary file transfer.


===Features=== New Marketplace Interface The in app Marketplace now shares the same interface as http://d20pro.com/MarketplaceWeb If you wish to use the original interface you can opt out in Options -> Judge. JPEG Encoding Improvements The new JPEG encoder now uses 85% quality instead of 100% resulting in normal file sizes. * Product Publishing Products may now be published to the Marketplace directly from d20Pro. This feature is only for Publishers. If you wish to publish professional products to the Marketplace please contact your d20Pro representative or visit http://d20pro.com/contact.

===Fixes=== * Windows Installer Improvements - Start Menu shortcut now correctly sets the working directory. - d20Pro install folder access control set to full access.


Fog of War Improvements - Easy Fog of War: A new tool that allows cell by cell masking. You either are hiding are showing the Map. Any cells you drag over will be set to shown or not according to the mode. Easy Mode works in conjunction with the existing FoW system to toggle the Region visibility. - Nearby Knot Snapping: when drawing FoW Regions, newly placed Knots will snap to an existing Knot nearby. This mode is toggled on from the FoW console in the Game Tools window.
Improved Map Creation A completely rewritten wizard for creating Maps simplifies the process in general while also adding some advanced image manipulation capabilities. Improved Campaign Management Improved Memory Management Hero Lab Importer Improvements Image Chooser A double-click will now choose the selected image. Info label shows the filename and image dimension. Tile Detail Control The Tile Detail setting in Options -> General allows you to artificially limit the size of your tiles in memory. If you are having memory issues with hi-resolution tiles, you can reduce the maximum possible size with this setting. Images Images from file are now loaded with ImageIO.
Sounds The JMF library is available as an alternate to javax.sound to address a reported issue where sound effects stop playing on OS X. Enable this from General->Options. Mac Improvements - Command keys for clipboard (C, V, X) are now recognized.
* JPEG Encoding Now using an alternative JPEG encoder that does not create images that render red-tinted outside of d20Pro.

===Fixes=== Judge Image Processing Fixed issue where rescaling an image would lose transparency.
Marketplace Improvements Now prompts to download missing Marketplace key. Otherwise some users may experience problems using previously downloaded content on a fresh install. * Creature Label Labels now show correctly to Players.


===Features=== Fog of War Improvements - Added negative space as on option per Map. In this mode, any part of the Map that is not covered by a Region is automatically hidden from the Players. This prevents the need to create Regions by hand to cover the blank spots on the map that are (typically) out of bounds. Toggle this on and off using a checkbox in the FoW Window. - Added Draw Mode that allows freeform creation of Regions simply by clicking where you want the Knots. Hold the Shift key to draw straight lines. - Added Fill (aka Easy FoW) control to Map creation windows that will flood the newly created Map with 1x1 FoW Regions so the Judge may simply hide and show. This feature is primarily for those who preferred the original Fog of War in v3.1 and before. squares on a Map. PCGen Importer Enhancements The PCGen Importer is now fully supported, with attacks and spells. Give it a try! Pathfinder Power Attack The Judge Rules now has an option to configure Power Attack to work per Pathfinder rules.
Flexible Death Condition The death condition is now configurable to support 3.5, Pathfinder, 4E and more. - Negative Value: Creature will die when HP reaches this negative value. Defaults to -10 but may be set to any value <= 0. If set to 0, creatures will no longer get disabled/staggered but die at 0 instead. - Negative Ability: Creature will perish when HP reaches the negative of the current ability score. Defaults to CON but may be set to any of the six abilities. - Percent Max: Creature will perish when HP reaches the negative % of Max HP. Defaults to 50% but may be set to any value between 1 and 100 (inclusive). The Diehard feat is supported in these 3 modes; the Creature will be Disabled instead of Dying. Skill System Improvements - The spell effect system now supports modifiers to Skills, similar to how Abilities buffs works. - When performing a Skill, the Recent list is now pre-filled with the top-ranked Skills. No Ability Score An ability score may now be left blank, allowing for constructs and undead to have no Constitution.
Import Image Dialogs Have Improved Memory When importing Creature and Map images, all the settings are now remembered for future use. Rotate Picture Default The Judge Option 'Show rotated Creature picture' is now on by default. Suppress Tile Delete Confirmation Added the Judge Option 'Prompt before deleting a Tile'. Improved Linux Support Updated d20pro.sh to be a professional quality wrapper script with settings in an optional file. Map Markers The Map Markers are now created by simply clicking an open area on the Map. Also includes other usability improvements to Markers, such as markers are not forced to the grid anymore (floating). Each Marker may be toggled to paint above or below the Creatures. Markers now support the full gamut of sizes.
Library Export - All: Standardized multi import and export (with the exception of Items). When multiple are selected you now choose to send them all to a single file or create a file per selection in a chosen directory. - Map: The Judge is now warned if a Map being exported is currently open because changes to the open Map are not reflected in the Library until that Map is closed and the Library copy is overwritten.
Main Menu Map Improvements Added icon buttons at the top right of the Main Menu to allow for quickly saving or editing the properties of the current Map. The save action uses the hotkey F12 for extra convenience.
Bulk Handout Creation The creation of Handouts now supports a multiple files mode. Alter Creature Additions The Judge's Alter menu now supports bulk reassignment for all selected Creatures to a new image. A bulk replace is also available to make selected Creatures copy any Creature from the Library. Creature Labels Each Creature now has optional Top and Bottom labels that will render above or below it on the Map. To set these use Description tab of the Edit Creature window or via the Alter menu. Labels may be: - Off: no label will show - Name: the Creature's name will be shown - Custom: a custom label will be shown - Owner: as Custom but only the Judge and that Creature's owner(s) will see - Judge: a custom label only visible to the Judge Marker Labels Each Map Marker now has optional Top and Bottom labels like Creatures. The only difference is only the first three modes (Off, Name, Custom) are available at this time. Optimized Tile Rendering Tiles that are rotated now render must faster, as they are now cached. Especially for large images (e.g. Scrying Eye's Ships of Fantasy) the render speed should be at least one order of magnitude faster. Paint Cells Above or Below Tiles Painted cells (solid color or with images) may now be placed beneath Tiles. Previously they would always paint on top, preventing you from using a Tile on top of painted cell. This is toggled with a choicebox in the Paint Color and Paint Image modes in Draw Tools. Connectivity The Player Client will now quickly display when connection to the Judge's Game is lost. Dice
Improved randomness of the dice roller.
Java 7 Warning The warning that shows at startup may now be toggled off in Options->General.

===Fixes=== Save/Load Effects The Save and Load buttons when editing an Effect now preserve the duration and saving throw information. Also, overwriting a saved Effect now works properly. Library Interaction The Map and Creature Libraries have been tuned so any given Map or Creature in the Library can be open at once. Also improved how open Maps are handled when renamed. Multiple file importing is now supported for Maps and Handouts. No Rubber Banding Previously when the Judge sends a game update (or another Player causes one by moving), all other Player's movement would get reset. This has been corrected so the Player's movement will only get reset if that particular Creature make or cancels its move. Publicly Owned Creatures Pressing 'Done' now works for Players controlling publicly owned Creatures. Fast Healing and DOT Fast healing and damage over time now trigger correctly for all Creatures in the Active Roster. Improved Marketplace Import Importing the same Product multiple times will now reuse the existing images rather than duplicate them. Typing Boxed Text Typing in the Boxed Text area no longer gets mistaken for keyboard shortcuts. Fog of War The Paint mode of FoW no longer allows illegal Scale of '0'. Reversed the color of the eye icon in the table to be consistent. Green now indicates that Region is active, concealing that area to the Players. Red means the Region is turned off and the Map and Creatures underneath will appear. The Split operation for Regions has been fixed and should now work properly. Handout Library Fixed where changing name or module was not reflected in an exported Handout. Popup Windows Popup windows will no center correctly whereas before they might have appeared on a different monitor.
Rotated Images Fixed certain cases with Java7, where rotated images would be incorrectly colored. Also fixed incorrect rotation in some situations with Creatures on top of Tiles. Saving Effects Saving an Effect that overrides an preexisting Effect by the same name now works correctly. Skill Effects An effect that modifies a Skill now works if that Skill does not have an associated ability.
Strength Penalty For two-hand and off-hand attacks, a strength penalty to damage is no longer incorrectly multiplied. Zero Sided Dice Zero sided dice now functioning properly again, resulting in a value of 0 in all cases. Armor Class and Effects Effects should now work in all cases, including when Effects have negative values.
What is My IP Decoupled IP address lookup from a static approach to a dynamic one so it can be updated without requiring a software release.
Installer The Windows installer now remembers prior memory allocation settings.


===Features=== Completely Overhauled Fog of War - Areas of a Map are now hidden by FoW elements known as Regions. Each Region is a polygon with any number of sides that may or may not be snapped to the grid. Circular rooms and diagonal hallways are now fully supported. - Visibility Mode: easily toggle Regions between active/inactive to control what Players see - Manipulate Mode: powerful toolkit to organize and mold Regions to fit your Map - Paint Mode: quickly introduce new shapes as raw clay to be customized in Manipulate Mode
- Automatic Reveal: optional prompt for revealing Regions on the map on based on Player moves
PCGen Plugin Now supports Creatures exported from PCGen, in addition to Hero Lab and Character Builder. Please verify your PCGen install has the template to export in d20Pro-recognized format.
Sticky Map Tiles The Map Tile tool now has a sticky mode. When enabled, this causes any Creatures and Items on top of a Tile to stay stuck, moving and rotating accordingly to in relative place. Global Creature Control The Judge may now indicate that a Creature is global, allowing all Players to share control. Random Dice Roller Dice rolled by d20Pro are now significantly more random by use of Java's SecureRandom. Marketplace Improvements Various Look and Feel improvements to the Marketplace. Bulk Image Processor Added Crop and Expert mode to Bulk Image Processor Map Usability - Tiles when placed now maintain their aspect ratio using a configurable pixels per square (DPI) calculation. - Creatures now pick before Markers when using the default Map instrument. This addressed a usability issue where a Creature would get stuck under a Marker. - Maps may now be enlarged during game-play, building out the grid in any direction.
Hosting Games The Judge's selected port is now displayed when showing the public and private IPs. Declare Attacks Faster The Declare Attacks window now responds immediately when an attack row is pressed, whereas before you would also need to click OK to proceed. When a particular row has multiple Attacks, clicking on the row declares all of them and clicking a single +X button declares just that Attack. Fast mode is used by default but may be toggled in the General Options. Creature Menu Button When a single Creature is selected, a small button appears that will show the Creature Menu, equivalent to right-clicking on that Creature. Does not yet support multiple Creatures. This button will appear by default but may be toggled in the General Options. Creature Skills Tab Now lists the total number of Skill ranks, similar to encumbrance in the Items Tab.

===Fixes=== Protected Content Protected Content used to show up locked to the Players incorrectly in some situations. This has been fixed and all existing Content should now behave normally. Saving & Loading Effects Loading effects no longer corrupts them when saving as different name.
Declare Attacks The buttons that select the attacks no longer chop off large numbers (e.g. +32). Game Log Copy and paste out of the Game Log no longer drops the natural roll of the d20. Character Sheet Fixed sorting of modifiers in the Attack and Skill tables. Ability Checks & Effects Buffs now are accounted for during Ability Check rolls. Keyboard Hotkeys Fixed issue where Alt-Tab would cause some keyboard shortcut keys to be ignored. Exporting Not Overwriting When exporting Maps, Creatures, etc from d20Pro, when the destination file already existed that existing file would not be overwritten. This has been corrected.
Fixed issue where Alt-Tab would cause some keyboard shortcut keys to be ignored.


===Features=== Improved d20Pro Content Marketplace - The Marketplace is now launchable directly from within the Judge's Downloads window. - Products may now contain Rules files in addition to Creatures, Maps, Handouts, etc. - Welcome screen greets you and will be periodically updated with what's new and good. - Judges may download up to 3 products at once, all while running your game. - Added Delete after import checkbox option. - Added a Delete All button in the Download window. Improved Tile Management - All Tiles on a Map are now listed in a scrolling table in the Draw Tools window. - A Tile's visibility may toggled directly from this table. - The Sink and Raise button allow fine control over how the Tiles layer. - Tiles may now be locked in place to prevent their inadvertent jostling during play. Improved Map Markers - In addition to geometric shapes, a Marker may now be Icon based. The image shown is is selected from those provided in the new Rules file markers.zip. - Markers now center in the nearest map square instead of on the edge. Improved Keyboard Shortcuts The entire keyboard shortcut subsystem is rewritten to add additional keys and improve interaction in general. Please refer to the upcoming new and improved help.d20pro.com for a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts available in d20Pro. Highlights include: - Quickly switch between open Maps with Alt-1 through Alt-9 - Easily move and resize Map Tiles with the arrow keys - Demand and dismiss Windows such as Core Dice, Game Log, Roster, Game Tools and more. Swappable Skin The XML and image files that comprise the look and feel (skin) of d20Pro are now isolated in a new file: ~/res/skin.jar. Open this file with any ZIP utility (or temporarily rename it to .zip) and take a look inside. The laf.xml file contains a variety of settings, such as font size. WARNING: only the advanced (and patient) should attempt modifying the skin.jar directly. Make a backup and if d20Pro fails to start or otherwise misbehaves, revert your change and try again. Improved Command Line The command line now supports partial matches for commands. Also added several new commands. Please type /? or /help in the Game Log for a full list of commands.

===Fixes=== License Purchases The Purchase License button is no longer incorrectly disabled during an active Trial. Memory Management Fixed out of memory bug in v3.0.0 where Tile images were not being cleaned up properly. Command line whatismyip.com Fixed the /myip command to use the updated whatismyip.com protocol. Creature Elevation A Creature's elevation will now be converted properly if not using 5' squares. Initiative Order Removing Creatures from initiative no longer has the undesirable side effect of advancing game time by 1 Round. Spell Effect with AC Deflection Buff Fixed the Deflection modifier of an effect to persist.


===Features=== d20Pro Content Marketplace Available by logging in to d20Pro Live, the Content Marketplace is your one stop shop for third-party content.
Look and Feel Overhaul New images, colors have been introduced throughout to make d20Pro more consistent and visually appealing. Creatures on the Map may now have their colored team borders turned off in Options->General. This is useful for overhead minis in particular. Revamped Image Chooser The Image Chooser has a new layout that should make browsing for images much more enjoyable.
Individual Dice Rolls When rolling multiple dice, the individuals are now shown in addition to the total. Map Marker Improvements The Map Marker system has been improved. Creation and editing of Markers is now centralized to the Game Tools window and there are new buttons to easily find Markers and use their descriptions as box text. Markers may also be selected from the default mouse mode to easily access them during a game. Markers also now have additional size and shape options. Handout Gump Best Fit Image handouts now default to a best fit mode. Customizable Game Log Colors The Game Log now features more color highlighting. These colors may also be customized by modifying the gamelogcolors.txt file found in ~/judge/pref and ~/player/pref. If this file does not exist, run d20Pro as Judge or Player and it will be created. You must restart for changes to this file to take affect. An in app GUI will be released in the near future to make color customization easier. Private Message Improvements Tells no longer play a chime for all Players to hear.
Play sound when player talks in character Change Elemental Resistance Edit page to more functional Table Increased Zoom Levels Added more granularity to the Map zooming. This primarily to accommodate more exact alignment of projected maps to 1 squares.
Character Sheet Additions - Alignment - XP - Dodge AC - Class Delete Button Server Status Page When d20Pro is unable to connect to d20Pro Live, a dialog appears that shows the status of the Server. This will help differentiate between a specific connection problem and a widespread one. Java 7 Support

===Fixes=== Handout Images Now Handling Case Image detection using extensions is now case insensitive. Prevent Creation of Map Marker Off Map Attempting to create a Marker off the Map will cause it to appear on the nearest edge instead. Native File Chooser Hanging [Windows only] Due to unforseen problems with a recent Java release that caused the native Windows file chooser to hang, the native mode is no longer the default. Also a confirmation dialog appears when attempting to turn this option on to warn of the potential problem. Team Colors Hiding Creature Name Alternate colors are used to provide better contrast with dark Team colors. Attack Confirmation Negative Value Negative value now displays correctly Public IP Address Detection Now works with the updated whatismyip.com web service. New Handout Names When creating a new Handout, the name is no longer forced to lowercase. Game Log - The Game Log now shows the first tab on startup instead of the last. - Rolling damage with dice with 0 sides now appears in Game Log. Choose Skill Fixed bug when no Skills in skills.txt had the 'Other' category. Editing Feats The Edit Creature screen now gracefully handles attempts to create a duplicate Feat through the Custom button.


===Features=== Creature Status Improvements Creature Status is now managed in its own window. After selecting one or more Creatures, right-click or press the 'U' hotkey. Status icons are displayed in a scroll pane to support unlimited numbers of them. Note that when a check is grayed out that means some of the selected Creatures have that status while others do not. These assignments will not change unless you toggle that check to either fully on or off. Creature Reveal Damage Improvements Whether Creature damage to revealed creature damage is now set to one of the following modes: - All: all Creatures will show their damage on both the Judge and all Players. - Team + dead or dying: Includes any creature < 0 hit points along with Player owned and Team creatures.
- Player owned and team: show damage for only Creatures owned by a particular Player or Creatures on the same team as a Creature owned by that Player. - Player owned: show damage only for Creature owned by the particular Player. - Judge only: show damage only to the Judge. - None: no Creatures will show damage to either the Judge or Players.
Attack Roll Override The Judge may now click on an attack or critical confirm roll to override it. This is useful for both Players who wish to roll analog at the table as well as Judges who wish to fudge their rolls. Stacked Creature Improvements Now when a Creature is up in initiative it will display on top of other Creatures. Also when a Player clicks on a Creature in the Roster, that Creature will always stay on top. Bulk Image Processor This powerful new convenience utility provides operations handy for optimizing images used with d20Pro. Currently four operations are available: - Make Square: useful for Creature and Item tokens that aren't a perfect square - Set Rotation: useful for overhead tokens that point down instead of up - Offset: useful for Map images where the grid does not align with the origin - Resize: useful for rescaling large Maps so use less memory and transmit to Players faster These operations will then be applied to the chosen file or directory. For best results use this tool on images before introducing them to d20Pro. Activate this tool by clicking Process Images... in Options->Judge.
Print Creature to HTML (Beta) Creatures may now be printed to HTML that will open in your default Web browser. The template used is chosen in the Options->Rules and may be configured aftermarket. These template files may be found in ~/res/templates/print. Creature Facing Improvements Creature facing now shows in the Roster when Show rotated Creature picture is selected. Also fixed a rendering issue with rotation when the map was zoomed all the way out. Hero Lab Importer Improvements Important Note: Be sure to also update your Hero Lab to gain all these features.
- Images from the Gallery are now imported. The first image in the Gallery, if present, will become the image for the imported Creature. - Class skills are now recognized. - More comprehensive Attack logic o Better detection of weapon type Slashing Bludgeoning and Piercing o Weapon material types o Alignment types (Holy adds Good, Axiomatic adds Lawful etc.) o Extra damage added for: Flaming, Frost, Corrosive, Shock, Burst Types, Merciful, Vicious o Maintains old logic for older Hero Lab files. - Handle Archetypes by placing the Archetype in the Notes section
- Miscellaneous AC modifier bug fixed Filterable Item Tables All Item tables now provide a filter area. Sortable Tables All tables in d20Pro are now sortable by clicking in the table header. Each header has three modes: natural, small to large, and large to small. You may sort multiple columns at once by using control-click. Map Template Additions Added Square Burst and Square Blast for greater variety.
Attack Improvements New tooltips on Declare Attacks and Resolve Damage for name, qualities, and target DR.
New attacks now default +6/+1 to No. Attack damages may now be set to have no qualities (e.g. slashing). Automatic Broadcast Option Found in Options->Judge, selecting Broadcast game when a Player connects will automatically issue broadcast whenever a Player connects to the game. Launching d20Pro Improvements Now when d20Pro starts the following will be verified: - Java Installed Check: if Java is not available on the path a message will display. - Java Version Check: if an unsupported version of Java is used a message will display. - File System Check: if d20Pro can't write to the file system a message will display.
* Installer Improvements (Windows) - Memory settings are now configurable from within the installer for initial setup. Or simply run the Update Installer on top of your existing installation to modify the memory configuration. - Improved uninstaller that will only remove files and folders introduced by d20Pro. Will also prompt if you wish to retain or delete your Campaign files.

===Fixes=== Loading Effects Loaded Effects now remember their type whereas before they reverted to unnamed. Spell Casting The 9th level spells are now available via the Choose Spell interface. Feat Editing Layout issues with adding and removing Feats have been addressed. Item Table Count The # column used to track the number of a particular item now accepts valid values. Removed Obsolete Spell Action The obsolete popup menu option Add/Remove Selected in the Spell table was removed. Tile Resize Dialog The resize dialog now uses its current size instead of defaulting to 2x2. * The Close Map window now centers properly.


===Features=== Launch Player directly from Infrno The Infrno.net social network and gaming website now provides the option to enable d20Pro games. Once a game is enabled as d20Pro, players logged on to Infrno will have a Launch d20Pro link that will generate a XML file that provides the necessary information for d20Pro to connect to that game. Users on the Windows OS will find their most recently installed d20Pro will recognize this file and open it directly from their browser. Enhanced file type support is coming soon for other operating systems. In the meantime download the file instead of opening it, start d20Pro, click Player then click the Advanced button and then click Open Launch File... and choose the file you just downloaded. The file's information will be loaded so then click the green check mark to join the game. Creature Status Creatures may now be assigned status icons. Any image files found in the /judge/campaigns//res/ManuallySpecified/status.zip will be available as a status in the Alter->Status menu by right-clicking a Creature. Creature Facing Creatures may now be assigned facing. The Judge must enable facing by going to Options->Judge and selecting one (or both) of Show rotated Creature picture or Show rotated Creature arrow. Creatures may be rotated 45 degrees left or right by highlighting them and pressing [ or ]. Creatures may also be rotated via the context menu using the new Rotate sub-menu. Please note that the Creature resize keys have moves to { and }. Configurable Fast Skills The 3 skills in the Action menu used to be hardcoded to Move Silently, Hide, and Tumble. These may now be fully customized to your favorite 3 skills for your favorite ruleset. Go to Options->General and to configure your options. Toggle to Display Creature Damage Judges may now hide % damage information from their players. Go to Options->Judge and deselect Show Players extend of Creature damage. Now Players will no longer see the red bar of damage or when a Creature reaches 0 hit points. Players will see when a Creature drops below 0 and at or below -10 hit points. Note that Players will always see all information for Creatures they are assigned ownership of. Change Grid and Background Color on Existing Map The Judge may now alter the grid and background color for an open Map. Select Draw Tools from the Main Menu then click on the Draw button (the first on the left). Click the Edit Map Properties... button and select the desired colors. Please note that support for resizing the Map is not available yet but is coming soon. Create New Campaign Button When running d20Pro and choosing Judge, there is now a Create Campaign... button after you click the Advanced button. This convenience feature creates a new (empty) Campaign folder that you may begin populating with images, rules, and other data. Updated Command Line Options Gamers may enter /help in the GameLog for the complete list of available options. Opaque Windows This setting, found in Options->General, allows you to turn off the transparent background of the floating Windows. Checking this option may improve performance. Exit Prompt Exiting d20Pro will now show a confirmation dialog first. Go to Options->General and uncheck Confirm on Exit to disable the prompt.

===Fixes=== Handouts Now Portable With Campaign File based Handouts now store a copy the file data so they are full portable with the associated Campaign folder. If you modify the source file you will need to recreate the Handout to reflect this change. An ability to update a file based Handout is coming soon. Multiple Map export is back Multiple Maps may now be exported at the same time to a single file. * Mac Command-Q Handled Properly Mac OS X specific support has been added to properly route the Command-Q action to exit d20Pro normally. Previously using Command-Q would exit without saving the game.


===Features=== Creature Importer Plugin System Import Creature functionality now functions within a plugin environment.
Simply drop a new ImportCreaturePlugin file in /judge/plugins/ and it is immediately available via the Import button in the Creature Library. Plugins previously included are now provided out-of-the-box as stock Plugins. This plugin system allows the d20Pro Team to react much more rapidly when third parties make changes to their formats. This also opens the door for hobby developers to write their own custom d20Pro ImportCreaturePlugin classes.
Customizable Stats Tab for Character Mini Window The information displayed in the Stats tab in the Mini window can now be customized by editing files found in /judge/campaigns//res/ManuallySpecified/stats.zip and by adding special tags to the notes section of the creature. Campaign Folders Judges now have multiple 'campaigns' stored in d20Pro that use customized skill lists, feat lists, character classes, etc. The Judge chooses which campaign they will be using from a drop-down list below the alias before starting the game. d20Pro must be restarted to change campaigns. This feature eliminates the need to maintain multiple installations of d20Pro which use different customized lists. More Robust Critical Hit System You can now add extra damage on critical hits and this damage can by a specified type. (e.g. a flaming burst weapon can deal deal +1d10 fire damage on a critical). Streamlined Game Setup Options to change communication port and set a game password are now hidden by default to avoid any confusion during game setup. Clicking on the �Advanced� button will toggle access to these options. Importer for Pathfinder Bestiary Added ability to import creatures from Hero Lab's Pathfinder Bestiary add-on. Automatic Quick Save During Initiative In the Judge pane of the Options window there is now an option to Quick Save after every initiative change in combat. Triple-Click works as Right-Click Triple clicking on a creature on the map or in the roster should simulate a right-click. Map Marker Improvements - When a Judge drags a marker it will broadcast automatically - Player made changes will now 'stick' whereas before the changes would be lost when dragging - Organized Map Marker table - Map Markers now show information in a tooltip Notes in Story Tab If a player owns a creature, everything in the Notes section of that creature's character sheet will be displayed at the bottom of the Story tab in the creature's Mini-Window.

===Fixes=== Critical Hit Max Damage An attack can be created to do maximum damage on a critical hit by setting the critical hit modifier to �x1�. Instead of �x1� this now reads �MAX� to better indicate its functionality. Placing Tiles on Top of Each Other Use Ctrl-Click to force place a Tile on top of another tile. Duplicate Tiles Will Retain Previous Tile's Size When placing multiples of the same tile on a map the new tiles will no longer sometimes revert to the default 2x2 size but will keep the same size as the previously placed tile. You can still change the size of the new tiles before placing them. Original Value for DR and ER Displayed Correctly The Attack Resolution Damage window previously displayed the damage modified by DR and ER in both the modified and unmodified boxes. The original, unmodified damage will now be displayed correctly so the Judge can make the correct changes if necessary. * Reflex Saves to Negate Damage Working Effects which allow a reflex save to negate damage are applying half damage if the save is made. These Effects will not apply damage now if the reflex save is made.


===Features=== Importing image should result in it being chosen When assigning an image for a Creature or Item, importing a new one will now select it immediately Creature added to map should be active by default Previously new Creatures weren't in initiative by default. New elemental types Updated Creature importer (WOTC)

===Fixes=== Rectangular tiles don't rotate correctly The new tile rotation feature now works for non-square tiles Windows 7 UAC error asks user if program was installed correctly. Hitting Esc hangs Edit Creature dialog Underscores in usernames now supported Improve rendering of shortcut keys in menu items Edit Creature abilities area too short for HP content Added missing commands to /help action Patch installer no longer append d20Pro to path


===Features=== Combined Game Log and Chat Configure multiple tabs, each a Subscription to various types of Channels. Player to Player tell is now supported using the /tell command. Type /help for more information. Enhanced scaled Tile management The Manage Tiles Draw Tool has been rebuilt with far improved interaction for repositioning and resizing. Also Tiles may now be rotated and made invisible to Players.
Roster Overhaul The Roster now shows Active and Passive Minis at the same time. A Mini may be dragged from one to the other to toggle and one area may be hidden. Zero Dice If the number of dice is 0 then only compute modifiers with effects. Likewise for 0 sides, the final result will always be 0 including effects. BAB override feature A Mini may now be assigned a hardcoded BAB rather than the one calculated based on levels.
Last Attack Pressing Q or using a Mini's context menu to repeat the prior attack.
Use Abilities now directly via Mini context menu Numerous 3rd-party importer improvements Refined attack sequence Refined Team names and colors Split Tools Menu The Judge Tools menu is now split logically into Game Tools and Draw Tools. Simplified Creature import and export Browse directly to the desired Creature file now instead of fixed location. Hint popups Both Random and Context hints have been added and will be flushed out further in future releases. Popups may be disabled in General Options. Newly skinned Start and Popup menus Various Skin touchups Introduced new icons and graphics. Please pardon the work in progress. Judge and Player launch now integrated within d20Pro Live * Password reset

===Fixes=== Frames now remember position and if they were previously shown Dex modifier fixed for flat-footed Mini Wizard spell book has multi-select and wild click proofing
Fog of War now renders black in all cases. Renamed a Mini's 'Quick Notes' to 'Annotation' Mini's speed now supports large values
And speed will now convert automatically based on the units. Multiple speed types are coming soon. Corrected the unexpected black background issue Additions and corrections to the built in classes.txt * Help hotkey (F1) restored


===Features=== Show effect status icon Minis will now display a special icon to indicate they are under 1 or more effects. Active Effects Window (Judge) All active Effects are now summarized in the Active Effects Window. If you have any effects in play, open this Window for fine tune control over the Effects and the Minis they effect. Movement measure modification You may now configure diagnoals to count as 1 or 1.5. This toggle is found in Options->General next to the Units combo. Max crit multiplier A weapon's critical multiplier may now be set to MAX if you want max damage on a critical hit. Ability to change passwords & email You may now change your password or email in the software. Password reset is coming soon. Creature Import/Export refinement Additional text added to explain how creature import / export currently works. Expect further improvements to this usability soon. Mac specific tuneups Holding down the option (alt) key now simulates a right-click. Also some rendering issues with buttons have been addressed. Expect even more Mac improvements soon. Native file chooser for Windows Option for Windows is to use the native file chooser. This is recommended for Windows users as there is a known issue with Java's file chooser that can cause the application to hang in certain circumstances. This toggle is found in Options->General.
Window X now closes and downward triangle hides. Previously the X would always hide. The X button on the Window frame would previously hide the Window. Now the X will close the Window and any tabs open within it are discarded. The hide functionality is now available through the downward triangle button to the left of the Window's title. New starter content More starter graphics have been provided.
Improved File Exports File extensions are now applied by default. System messages that used to pop up in Decision Window now go to Game Log Window. Certain status messages used to pop up in the Decision Window. These now are routed to the Game Log. Expect more improvements to this system in the near future.
* Streamlined dice roll hiding The Judge now has a single toggle button that controls whether or not Judge rolls are shown to Players. A roll generated by a Player will always be shown to all Players.

===Fixes=== Creature Library not refreshing after import The Creature Library should now accurately reflect its contents after importing a creature. When in draw mode, a right-drag draws on that square Previously the right-drag would inadvertently paint in that square. Minis owned don't get their dice results Players will now always see dice results for Minis they control. Creature Window loses Special Abilities Fixed bug where toggling between multiple Minis in the Mini Window would cause the Abilities to be listed incorrectly. * Draw console fails when no map open Bringing up the Draw Console in the Tools Window no longer has a problem is no maps are open.

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