D20PRO - Work in Progress


Work In Progress

  • Repeat and Multiplication of effects based on feature level at time of execution
  • UI refinement and UX pass on temp UI for Feature Library
  • ER/DR and Attack features
  • Import of Manually Specified text files into the Rules Library -- Traits/Feats is already implemented

Bugs & Feature Requests

  • Fix the mouse over for traits to show a formated trait SHORT description
  • In-App Data entry for Classes.txt, Features.txt and other system files
  • Bundle system files and associated Rules into marketplace items
  • Complete work on Core files mechanic
  • Add deathsaves and inspiration tools to the mini view
  • rework the deathsaves UI to be "cool"
  • update Speed to use new CS element model
  • Add rollable Tables to Handout system
  • Add highlight square call out
  • Add right click on Fog of War region for actions
  • Add Player controlled lights