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Happy New Years!

There's still time to take advantage of the D20PRO holiday sale. For a limited time, you can get a full D20PRO GM license with four guest seats for $50.00 – a $20.00 savings! The D20PRO GM +4 bundle gives you a full GM license to run and host games along with four guest seats for your players, making it the perfect way to get your gaming group in on the action.

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How to Get the D20PRO GM +4 Holiday Sale Bundle

Follow the instructions on the Buy D20PRO page. When selecting a license under Step 3 - Purchase a License, click to purchase "d20Pro_Full + 4 Guests - $50.00."


Why D20PRO is the Best VTT for Your Gaming Group

Rules Automation with Full GM Control
Spend more time playing the game instead of worrying about the rules. D20PRO automates combat, initiative, and movement as well as handling skills, abilities and spells – all with full GM control!

Support for the Latest Editions of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder & More
D20PRO is ready to use with the game systems you love. It natively supports D20-based games and is extensible to virtually any RPG system!

Buy Once, No Subscriptions
D20PRO is a one-and-done purchase. Your license is good forever. There are no ongoing subscription fees to worry about.

Play Online Across the Internet or Locally Offline
Host games for players anywhere using a publish- subscribe (pub/sub) model. No need to fuss with firewall and port-forwarding settings! Or run your local game on a big screen monitor for players gathered around the table.

Immersive Story Telling Features
Pull your players into your campaign setting with custom tokens and digital maps featuring full dynamic lighting and shadows, fog of war, sound effects and more. Share handouts with the party or privately with individual players.

Licensed Content from Your Favorite Publishers
Our Marketplace has a ton of ready-to-play content and adventures for D20PRO from Wizards of the Coast (including the official fifth edition D&D Players Handbook), Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Storm Bunny Studios and Sasquatch Game Studio (creators of the Primeval Thule setting).

Advanced Features & Customization Options
D20PRO just keeps getting better. Version 3.7 released earlier this year adds a powerful new rules library for unparalleled automation and customization options. Other awesome features include equippable items, ammunition, overcasting, speed by movement type, robust support for fifth-edition D&D and more.

D20PRO Free 30-Day Trial

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D20PRO automates the complex elements of RPG gameplay – while preserving full GM control – so groups can focus on the roleplaying experience. Download our free 30-day trial to see how D20PRO can level up your next campaign.